Ragnar Tornquist – Writer/Director

Love t-shirts? Heck, who doesn’t? But you don’t want to be wearing the same tees as all your friends. Tcritic blogs about t-shirts – and not those you can buy at The Gap – and provides links to tons of small online vendors where you can get your tee on. I use it regularly, and consequently my t-shirts are cooler than yours.

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What’s better than a blog dedicated entirely to cool t-shirts? Why, a blog dedicated entirely to cool t-shirts that just launched a t-shirt digging site! Tcritic is a slick blog obsessed with t-shirts of all kinds; the more quirky or clever a shirt is, you can be sure Tcritic will find and blog it. But how can we tell which shirts are truly the best? Until now, we’ve been lost in an ocean of shirts, forced to fend for ourselves in determining which ones to buy and which to laugh at (and not in the good way) when you see them in public.

Tcritic launches Tdigger – Digg for T-shirts