Introducing MiMiJude T-Shirts – Causing Harm and Stealing Hearts


Just found out about this awesome line of t-shirts based on a character called Mimi who “loves everything to pieces and hurts everything she touches. She really doesn’t mean to cause any harm … things just happen.”

This one is called Hi-Rawr and features Mimi saying hi on the front and rawr on the back


f I had a GF right now I would totally buy them these shirts, they have a very cool, edgy, hello kittyesque kind of feel.

They only have 5 t-shirts right now, but I’m sure they can find lots of things for Mimi to hurt 🙂 The aesthetic is very simple right now, which is what makes it work IMHO, I think a careful balance has to be achieved in creating new designs, without losing the simplicity. I think t-shirts with themes and characters work very well. Johnny Cupcakes for instance, Life is Good, even the Big Stone Head line of “all my friends are dead“. Sometimes having a theme can be viewed as not being creative, but IMHO some of the best creativity comes from well defined constraints.