The Funny Shirt Showdown

Hey everyone, this article was submitted by reader Aaron Burk, hope you enjoy it, I couldn’t link to every individual shirt, but both sites are pretty easy to navigate. Thanks for the work Aaron, i’m sending off a gift certificate.


In just a glance and, although they both bring something knew to the table, look very similar; Mainly the layout of their site. But when taking a closer look, it seems the two have very similar versions of the same idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of the sites, and many other sites come out with their own version of designs. It really just gives people interested in a shirt the choice in which design they will purchase and I just thought I’d try to find out who usually does a better version of a design.

The first design in question, Beethoven’s Fifth (on both the sites), is a clear winner for Luckythreadz. It has more detail, two colors as apposed to one, and incorporates the text allot better than the Bustedtees version.

The second design, That’s How I Roll (on both sites), is a much closer contest. They both take the same saying but look at it in two different ways. Luckythreadz puts more of a Jewish spin, were as Bustedtees uses the more common die and a more appealing font. I like the creativity of Luckythreadz, but if I had to name a victor, as in what I would buy, this one goes to Bustedtees.

The score is all tied up, and in the third design, Hassel Hoff (on Luckythreadz) and Don’t Hassel the Hoff (on Bustedtees), is a back-to-back victory for Bustedtees. Although Luckythreadz incorporates a picture of David Hassel Hoff, that’s all its got, and it doesn’t do it too well, were as Bustedtees has a clever slogan using Hassel in place of hassle. The score is now Luckythreadz 1, and Bustedtees 2.

The fourth design, both joking about dog in Chinese food, is a tight competition, and really comes down to personal taste. I chose Luckythreadz as the winner, just because I personally like that style more, and I like how it is executed a little more. In other words, it’s the same punch line but a better joke.

The fifth design, is really a tie I think. I mean if I had to pick a winner I would say that I laughed more at Viva La Evolucion by Bustedtees. Mainly because the play on words is so corny but you still can’t help yourself from snickering a little especially when you see the beautifully edited picture above it. But in all farness, and for a little more drama, I will call it a tie, leaving the score at 2 to 2, all coming down to the final design.

The sixth design for me, is a little anticlimactic, and I feel like a jerk putting the two state designs, Oklahoma at Luckythreadz and Wyoming at Bustedtees, up against each other. Because to me, it’s a no-brainer that Wyoming from Bustedtees wins. Its cleaner, two colors and just seemed to be put together well. I would feel worse, putting one of Luckythreadz not so good designs up against a solid Bustedtees creation for the deciding design, but I was leaning towards Bustedtees on the tie anyway… so its final, Bustedtees wins in a close battle of similar designs 3 to 2. They are both great sites folks, and I recommend visiting each of them, but in this t-shirt battle of similarity, Bustedtees is the champion.