Crystal City T-Shirts

Here’s another readers submission, I really appreciate every single one that comes in but i’m only able to write about so many. Apart from the quality of what people send me it’s often a question of timing, so if you’ve sent something in and I haven’t written about it I’m sorry, please keep ‘em coming


Crystal City Clothing has an awesome selection of shirts and also offers hoodies, wristbands, and even a bandanna. Offering from Girls Small to Guys XL. Most of their shirts are big prints meaning the design covers up most of the shirt. This is a good thing! The designs are abstract but nonetheless bursting with energy. The brands they use for their shirts are Alternative and American Apparel, by which the shirt is damn soft. The shirts don’t have any distinct meaning, but that doesn’t stop it from being a badass design. It’s a unique site and it’s getting bigger and better as time comes. Best of all, the prices are great for the inks and clothing brands they use. The tees are definitely going to catch peoples eyes and it’s for the good!