Zombies of Oz New From Go Ape Shirts

Zombies of oz

The Zombies of Oz is one of three new shirts that GoApeShirts have just come out whith. Go Ape deserves high praise IMHO for consistently comes out with distinct, original and great designs. The other two that came out are also fab like the fabulously retro Killovision, to the reinterpretation of the classic frog in a blender with The Shredder Gets Michaelangelo. Check them out. It should be noted that Josh, who runs Go Ape was heading out on vacation so any orders will get fulfilled when he gets back on July 6th (at which time the BooBooWalker will also be in stock). Don’t let that stop you ordering though, they will sell out :-)

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  1. [...] Of course the obvious academic line would be to go on about how if you get the inside joke on my shirt we’ve bonded and it’s nonverbal communication of group identity etc etc…all true, all interesting, but the OZ Scarecrow shirt of the most recent tcritic post is just hilarious, simple as that. [...]

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