Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt

Warning: Getting lots of comments (see below) on Mr Cloud not delivering so only order at your own risk

Wow, this is turning into Wii T-Shirt central. Anyway a T-Shirt company called MrCloud has now created a way to print your custom Wii character, called a Mii on a T-Shirt. It costs $19.99 Oops, they mean 19.99 quid, or 30+ dollars… and takes a few days but what an amazing idea.

Mii Head tee 02

This is so awesome and makes me want a Wii so frikin badly, damn nintendo.

You can send us your Mii in one of the following ways:
1): Email us your Wii friend code, we will send you ours and you can then Wii-mail your Mii to us.
2): Take a digital photograph of your Mii on your TV and email the picture to us.

As these shirts are personalised you should expect a short delay before we can send them out.

Also Mr Cloud has some other really cool shirts, including a blast from the past Hong Kong Phooey :-)

Hat Tip To The Pixelantes Anonymous via Kotaku

217 Responses to “Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt”

  1. flippo says:

    SOMEONE is also using my ID *sigh* they need to grow up, but do not click on that link!

  2. Tien says:

    Mr Cloud,

    I sent you an email 3 days ago requesting for a refund.

    You dont have a Paypal account anymore and even when you did, you kept it empty.

    I want my money back Craig.


  3. Bob says:

    You will get a shirt if you buy from However it will be tissue-thin and fall to bits within days.

  4. Robert says:

    I have had problems with Mr Cloud also. I wish I had come across these forums earlier. He does not respond to emails or messages left on his website. I will try to get my money back via PayPal. I would suggest anyone considering doing business with Mr Cloud should not do so. How do companies like this still manage to trade when they are ripping people off?

  5. Donkey Sick says:

    They are using the a little known law to avoid prosecution.

    See here:

  6. Knobby says:

    I order from and received nothing. No response from any emails sent. It seems that the whole mii-shirt concept was one big con.

  7. Mark O says:

    Never order a t-shirt from Mr Cloud. The guy is a fraud and will be out of business soon.

  8. Mark O says:

    In fact he already has: page/dead_dog.jpg

  9. Blondie says:

    Oh dear, wish I’d have seen this before ordering, seems I have been mugged off too. I keep getting responses saying; wait 28 days – which is nearly here, but reading all of these comments leaves me with little faith of receiving the tshirt. Does anyone know who to contact to get this guy shut down and in some serious trouble!? Or how I go about getting a refund.

  10. Mark O says:

    Hesmondhalgh of Mr Cloud is using Worldpay now.

    Blondie, the best way to hit this scammer where it hurts is to complain with his credit card processor and make sure they read the non delivering reports about him all over the Internet

    If you paid with your card using them report him there now

    Worldpay Sales Hotline: 44 (0)870 366 1290 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm GMT)

    Forget trading standards get him on the industry merchant blacklist — if he can’t take credit cards he’s out of business

  11. Jo S says:

    Mr Cloud. Am still awaiting my kids’ Xmas t-shirts from last year. Following on from other people’s experiences, I will get all the information together tomorrow and take affirmative action.

  12. Steph says:

    I managed to get a refund through my credit card company. Mr Cloud no longer does business thru PayPal. They closed his account due to all the complaints so it will be hard to get a refund from PayPal, although if you did use your credit card then it should not be a problem getting a refund.
    I have complained to the trading standards authority but nothing seems to have happened. He is still ripping people off.

  13. Mark O says:

    The only way he is going to be prosecuted is if he is actually ripping people off. I think it is clear form the lack of action taken by TS that a lot of the claims against him aren’t actually true.

  14. Sal Paradise says:

    Mark O… or should we call you by your real name… Mr Cloud! Why don’t you actually respond to some of the many angry emails you get instead of hijacking this forum by stealing other users names and posting insane comments like the one above?????

    Mr Cloud (also known as Craig Hesmondhalgh) is a rip-off merchant and has been ripping-off customers for a couple of years now. He will take your money and not send out the goods. He should be shut down and hopefully he will be. The fact that the TSA has not shut him down means nothing. Mark O… feel free to buy a t-shirt from Mr Cloud and see if you ever receive it.