Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt

Warning: Getting lots of comments (see below) on Mr Cloud not delivering so only order at your own risk

Wow, this is turning into Wii T-Shirt central. Anyway a T-Shirt company called MrCloud has now created a way to print your custom Wii character, called a Mii on a T-Shirt. It costs $19.99 Oops, they mean 19.99 quid, or 30+ dollars… and takes a few days but what an amazing idea.

Mii Head tee 02

This is so awesome and makes me want a Wii so frikin badly, damn nintendo.

You can send us your Mii in one of the following ways:
1): Email us your Wii friend code, we will send you ours and you can then Wii-mail your Mii to us.
2): Take a digital photograph of your Mii on your TV and email the picture to us.

As these shirts are personalised you should expect a short delay before we can send them out.

Also Mr Cloud has some other really cool shirts, including a blast from the past Hong Kong Phooey :-)

Hat Tip To The Pixelantes Anonymous via Kotaku

217 Responses to “Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt”

  1. Ian says:

    The words of a proven liar…..

    ” Mr Cloud
    Posted January 24th, 2008 – 2:40 pm
    Just to confirm: I’ve received no contact at all from any authority.


  2. Ian says:

    So as the buisness owner you are glad you have failed in supplying any goods to the “customer” within your own defined legal operating time frame?


    I can smell sniff sniff…..BULL S*IT

    “Mr Cloud
    Posted January 24th, 2008 – 2:39 pm
    Glad to hear it Sari.”

  3. Ian says:

    Joe dont panic its ALL OK :) see up the thread Mr Cloud accused Paypal of being thieves……which of ocurse having dealt with them myself on many happy and safe occassions they are not! but thats the word according to Mr C….

    Posted January 24th, 2008 – 2:17 pm
    He must have removed the funds. I have copies of the transaction and Paypal have confirmed the money entered his account. I can only assume they have been transferred to his bank account so that none of us can have access to money which is rightfully ours. Nice.”

  4. martin says:

    here craig if you are not getting my e mails here is my order number this should be enough information if you are genuine about posting my t shirt tomorow Order #3921 (Accepted)
    Order Date: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
    Shipping Method
    First Item, Plus Additional Items ((1.99 first item, 0.99 each additional item))
    1 x Clockwork Orange T-shirt
    – Size: Adult Medium
    – Color: Red £14.99

  5. Ian says:

    Poor choice of ID but hey ho, ran its course nope not yet I will remain here to proivde useful and safe advice until it is clear that this mess is dealt with,

    I mean why should we as law abiding adults throw the towel in now?

    Cant see the logic or sense in that at all

    “voice of reason
    Posted January 24th, 2008 – 1:16 pm
    I think this “conversation” with all of you has probably run its course. If mr cloud is being investigated, he will be closed down.”

  6. Sari says:

    Anyone wondering why we try to keep anonymous?

    “Mr Cloud
    The abusive emails you’ve been sending us Ian aren’t sent anonymously. Sending them from your work place is a very silly idea. Bright Grey mean anything to you?

    Ofcourse not.”

  7. Mr Cloud says:

    I’m not resending unless you confirm the address. Having already sent one item I’m not resending another to the same unconfirmed address. I have emailed you at the address you supplied when ordering.

    If Ian continues to post unmoderated comments we will no longer respond in this thread. It is obvious that the site owner is not moderating this site.

  8. Ian says:


    No need to apologise what so ever on my account, I mean it is easy to get worked up with people like him, he desrves all hes gets and more…

    Do me a favour by way of apology and make some of the calls to begin your claim! good luck and more power to you!

    Posted January 24th, 2008 – 10:20 am
    sorry ian it should be don i should be asking i never read all your threads properly i do apologize im just that stressed out with all this hassle with mr cloud that its taking its toll also im a full time single parent so my time could be spent better than chasing this guy craig but if people dont stand up to him he is free to keep ripping people off”

  9. martin says:

    hi ian if i dont get my t shirt i will take this all the way ,if i get my t shirt then i will come back on this forum and let it be known he was as true as his word the balls in craigs court now

  10. Mr Cloud says:

    Still not received an email from you Martin. Did you receive the email I sent you at your yahoo address?

  11. martin says:

    i just sent an e mail back to you ,you just sent me one to my e mail adress and i have replied twice i will reply once more you should have got my reply

  12. Mr Cloud says:

    Maybe there is a hold up. I’ll give it a few hours and let you know if it hasn’t arrived. I’ve tested emails/site and everything works fine. Others have emailed me successfully (Ian for example).

  13. martin says:

    reply sent

  14. martin says:

    Hi Martin,

    Not sure why but you message hasn’t been received. Maybe this is why you received no reply?

    Anyway, please reply to this email


    this is the e mail i recieved i have now replied 3 times

  15. martin says:

    look craig i am going to do my wee boys homework now i have recieved an e mail off you and replied 3 times so you have definately got it

  16. Mr Cloud says:

    Still nothing Martin. The only explanation is that either yourself or someone in your IP range has sent us abuse in the past. This will have resulted in any correspondence form you being instantly blocked. I shall resend to the address on file but if non-delivery occurs due to it being incorrect it isn’t my problem.

  17. Ian my reply was sent on a personal basis. If you wish to continue with your investigation/crusade, I am sure you will, I wish you bon chance. Its just that I have other matters in my lfe that deserve more attention at the moment. As I said if the “company” is being investigated, then it will be and there is really not a lot more that we as individuals can do!!! best of luckto you all. PS dont see anything wrong with my ID

  18. martin says:

    ok craig i will wait to see if my t shirt arrives it should take a week at the most if it has been posted today lets hope you are as good as your word

  19. claudia says:

    I want my t-shirt, payed in october and if you sent it i want to see the received. If you don’t aswer me back i will procede with my layer.

  20. Mr Cloud says:

    Layer? Unless you identify yourself I can’t help you. Please email me to verify that you are genuine.


  21. martin says:

    hi craig can you let me know if you have posted my t shirt today plz

  22. martin says:

    hi craig i am going to give you my order details again to prove i am genuine ,i am not going to put my adress on the forum as that would be stupid but i would like to confirm that the adress you have for shipping is correct ,with the order number you should easily be able to access all the details you need to sort out this problem as you are claiming you want to do so we are both in agreement on this point,i am also putting these details in full public view so everyone can see i have kept my side of the bargain and proved i am a genuine customer with a genuine compaint ,so i dont see a problem now for getting this mess sorted out and me recieving my t shirt which i hasten to add i have paid for
    Order Number: 3921 Order Status: Accepted
    Order Date: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
    Shipped To: martin mccabe Products: 1
    Order Cost: £16.98

    Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 orders) Result Pages: 1

  23. Mr Cloud says:

    As stated I will resend to the address on file. If the address is wrong then that’s not my problem.

  24. Craig says:

    Mr Cloud is a fraud. He is selling counterfit t-shirts. Various record companies have been alerted to this and I’m sure he will be getting some letters from some rather irate lawyers in the next couple of weeks. The artist gets no income from the sale of these t-shirts. Mr Cloud is a fraud and this is not the first web venture he has been in.

  25. Pat Garrett says:

    Mr Cloud’s words are meaningless. He is a spotty university student working out of his parents garage. When he is not trying to rip people off he is busy surfing the net for kiddie porn. Yes, that’s the type of guy Mr Cloud is.

  26. Mr Cloud says:

    Martin – your t-shirt has been sent to you via special delivery. You should have it in the next day or two. Apologies for the delay.

  27. Mr Cloud says:

    Clearly someone has posted using my user name above. We will no longer either read or respond on this unmoderated forum. Any genuine customers who wish to post in a public forum can visit the link below which is moderated.

    To reiterate: We will no longer either read or respond to this thread.

  28. Joe says:

    That’s not really a threat, is it Craig? This forum was for unsatisfied customers to warn other customers about your business. I agree the postings have got out of hand, but your involvement was never welcome here anyway. You should respond to customers’ problems when they contact you, rather than lurk around forums accusing people of lying.

  29. martin says:

    thats cool craig the adress on the order was the correct one and if you are true to your word and i recieve my t shirt i will be honest and post on all thev forums that i recieved it

  30. Silver Surfer says:

    The best thing to do with people like Mr Cloud is to report them to FACT (The Federation Against Copyright Theft). He is selling illegal material and breaking various copyright laws. As far as I am aware he has been reported to FACT. It will be interesting to see where this goes. But basically, do not buy anything from his website.

  31. KT says:

    I also placed an order on Mr back in November, still have not received my goods.
    I was told by Craig that paypal had frozen his account, blah blah blah.
    After several phone calls to paypal and numerous emails back and forth between Craig and myself.
    Paypal said the claim was in my favour, but due to no funds being in Craig’s account, i now cannot be refunded my money back.
    It’s a shame i hadn’t seen this website back in November.
    I am currently filling in the court papers to send off in the post tomorrow and would advise others to go through small claims as well, as not only will you get your money back for the goods you never received, but he will also have to pay the court fees too.

    I will also be contacting Watchdog, as this guy is making a living out of this and must be stopped.

  32. KT says:

    I would be very interested to hear from ‘G’ – Who posted their comment on the 15th Jan 2008.

    Has your small claims gone through yet ?
    Or is it ongoing?

  33. Sari says:

    KT, I had the same experience and after making a lot of fuzz on all internetsites I could find, contacting Nintendo and informing about small court and BBC watchdog I finally got his attention and was refunded within 2 days. I also ordered in November.
    Could you post your progress on this forum?
    I would be interested to know how that is going.

    Good luck and I hope you get your money soon.

  34. Silver Surfer says:

    I also ordered goods from Mr Cloud in November. I have contacted Watchdog and the Trading Standards Authority for Lancashire. They have informed me that the details of Mr Cloud’s dealings have been passed onto their investigation team and are currently being looked into. I have also contacted FACT who have advised the same. This guy is a crook and should not be trading on the web. If enough people complain action will be taken.
    The other option is to post on various music and film forums to warn others not to purchase from this idiot. He is a class A loser and seems to take great delight in ripping people off.

  35. Jack K says:

    Refer to this forum to see what nonsense Craig (i.e. Mr Cloud) is writing now.

    Craig seems to think that there are only a couple of disgruntled customers. Oh no, Craig, there’s more than a few. I’d say there are a few hundred.

  36. martin says:

    hi craig you can you tell me when i should be recieving my t shirt as it has not arrived yet

  37. Jack K says:


    Craig (i.e. Mr Coward… I mean Mr Cloud) is still posting on the following forum;

    He seems to think that there is a conspiracy out there targeting him!!!! He doesn’t respond to emails or phone calls but does respond to the above forum. A strange way to do business. I have given up on ever getting my t-shirt. Luckily my payment was made via credit card so I can get a refund but others have not been so lucky. All we can do is warn others about this idiot. He seems to get some starnge peverse thrill in ripping people off.

  38. Steph says:

    Boy, I wish I came across this site before ordering from the the mr cloud t-shirt website. I ordered a t-shirt in October 2007. My money was taken on the day of the order and I was sent an email from mr cloud saying that my order had been accepted. That was the last contact I have had with mr cloud. I have emailed a number of times since and have had no reply. Does anyone have any contact details for this guy? I tried to get my money back from paypal but they said he has no money in his paypal account. From reading the posts above it looks like I have zero chance of getting my money back. Has anyone actually received their order from this guy?

  39. sophie says:

    Hi Steph, exactly the same thing happened to me – he doesn’t use Paypal anymore. The only thing that worked for me (out of loads of emails, and an official letter saying I’d contacted Trading Standards) was when I complained about him specifically on the moneysavingexpert forum that has been posted above. As soon as I mentioned something there, he came online and offered me a refund. It seems he only sorts out refunds if it’s going to damage his reputation. Having said that, I’m still waiting for my refund and it’s been over a week! Good luck.

  40. Sari says:

    Sophie, keep the pressure up. I live in the Netherlands and had my money back within 2 a 3 days (ordered and paid in November 2007). And this was an international banktransfer. I used the same sort of methods. For the full story see above. So if you live within the UK he should already have transfered the money back to you. Try and complain to the moderator on moneysavingexpert forum. They have given him the opportunity to solve his problems on the forum but if he doesn’t they should do something about it. Since now it looks like he is helpfull and the ones that do post are the bad guys for complaining about him and not giving him their
    identity. We, on this forum, do know better.
    Good luck!

  41. Sari says:

    Jack I know that you arre angry, but please do not post such stuff because that makes you worse than him. I don’t think that that is your aim. I know he frustrates the hell out of anybody.

  42. martin says:

    thanks craig for sending my t shirt out as promised ,a little late i admit but never the less you were true to your word ,i hope everyone else gets sorted out ,all i can say is do what i did and contact mr cloud through the forums seems easier to get him that way and give him your order number as i did and hey presto youve got your t shirt ,at least he is coming on the forums to sort it out so good luck folks

  43. flippo says:

    Well seems my recorded letter has been returned unopened with a change of address on the front

    Who ever said Mr Cloud is running is business from a flat was right

    Seems this new address is either a 1 or 2 bed housing assocation flat

  44. flippo says:

    Scan of returned letter here:

  45. flippo says:

    I did not type the above post, so do not click on the link

  46. flippo says:

    Ignore the above post is wasn’t by me. Obviously someone doesn’t want you to see what I have!

  47. Steph says:

    It’s probably Mr Cloud using other users names. He seems to be like that. He only does business via forums and not via normal methods like email or phone. Hopefully he’ll be shut down soon anyway.

  48. Jack K says:

    I didn’t post that link. Someone is using my user id.

  49. Steph says:

    The first step to closing down RipOff Cloud has begun. If you are affected please contact the authoritites via this link: