Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt

Warning: Getting lots of comments (see below) on Mr Cloud not delivering so only order at your own risk

Wow, this is turning into Wii T-Shirt central. Anyway a T-Shirt company called MrCloud has now created a way to print your custom Wii character, called a Mii on a T-Shirt. It costs $19.99 Oops, they mean 19.99 quid, or 30+ dollars… and takes a few days but what an amazing idea.

Mii Head tee 02

This is so awesome and makes me want a Wii so frikin badly, damn nintendo.

You can send us your Mii in one of the following ways:
1): Email us your Wii friend code, we will send you ours and you can then Wii-mail your Mii to us.
2): Take a digital photograph of your Mii on your TV and email the picture to us.

As these shirts are personalised you should expect a short delay before we can send them out.

Also Mr Cloud has some other really cool shirts, including a blast from the past Hong Kong Phooey :-)

Hat Tip To The Pixelantes Anonymous via Kotaku

217 Responses to “Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt”

  1. Terry the T-shirt terrorist says:

    BP he cant deal via paypal or google checkout cos they looked into this dodgey geezer and took the toys away!

    Or a version something like that, I mean what credible online trader would claim that paypal are thieves!

  2. Sari says:

    Pamela are you still able to post on springwise. As sari with my emailaccount it doesn’t work anymore. If I do it as A.Dankers I can post again.
    I do not know why since I never cursed or did anything to abuse any one. I only gave the facts about my issues with Mr cloud.

  3. Sarah says:

    I actually gave Mr Cloud the chance to prove to me that he is a legitimate online trader – needless to say he never responded.

    I never received an apology or an explanation as to why i didn’t receive my goods. Just silence and rudeness.

    Are the goods he is ‘selling’ on his site legal – e.g do Infogrames know he is selling Atari / Nintendo products?

    I am informing various places of what Craig is up to, including the Lancaster Guardian newspaper, BBC Watchdog and One Show, Dalpay, Lancaster Police.

    I have a suspicion Craig is just a young kid ‘trading’ from his bedroom at home.

  4. Mr Cloud says:

    I have apologised to you Sarah and I apologise again for any upset caused by the non-delivery of goods. You have, to my knowledge, been refunded.

    You are of course entitled to continue to endeavour to pursue the matter further if you wish.

  5. Joe says:

    I agree with Terry the T-shirt Terrorist. There are so many cases of what appears to be theft/fraud here that people should contact the police.

  6. Jona says:

    I did sent this email:


    I was searching the internet for nintendo t-shirts to make a huge fan happy when I came across this company.
    This company says on their site that ‘t-shirts are the only Mii shirts to be approved by Nintendo Europe. They are used by Nintendo U.K. to promote the Mii service and are official Nintendo promotional products.’ which can make you think that they are selling nintendo approved t-shirts in general.
    The Mii t-shirts are not available for ordering but the other nintendo t-shirts are.
    My question is: are these official t-shirts? And are you officially dealing with this company?
    The company is

    I hope you can shed some light on this.



    Dear Customer, thank you for your email.

    No, Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe are not connected with this company,
    and Nintendo UK are currently investigating their claims. I’m sorry for
    the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Kind regards,

    Jackson Davies
    Your Nintendo Team

    Needs no comment

  7. Sari says:

    Thanks Jona for your info. Very nice that you were willing to post this. I am still waiting for a reply from Nintendo Britain. Hope they reply soon to confirm it again.

  8. Terry the T-shirt terrorist says:

    oh dear oh dear!

    Craig can you confirm your adress online and in a open public forum?

    Go on you know you want too…..

  9. Terry the T-shirt terrorist says:

    Awww cragggy they revoked it? or is it another lie?

    I do like the safety test though….Nintendo quality game manufacturers employing software developers or electronic enhineers…right lads today we test the Wii-shirt!

    And would your tatty product be used by a multinational company…is your copy of Photoshop legal BTW?

    ” MrCloud
    Posted May 6th, 2007 – 9:03 am
    Our Nintendo ‘Mii’ T-shirts are now official Nintendo products. They have passed the Nintendo safety tests and are being used as official Nintendo promotional products in the UK.

    Maybe this will stop the rather pathetic attempts to sully our products by our ‘competitors’.”

  10. Tracey says:

    I think you will find you are now in breach of customer data protection act, posting my full name and town on this thread, you are not supposed to post your so called customers details on an open thread


    Your just a con man and don’t know how to run a business

  11. martin says:

    i have been ripped of by mr clouds t shirt emporium aka
    craig hesmondhalgh
    46 adelphi st
    lancaster, lancashire LA14AF
    US Domain name: MRCLOUD.COM
    i bought a t shirt over 3 months ago ,he took my money but i have recieved no t shirt no refund no apology ,i have sent numerous e mails and phoned him on both numbers 07949286972 and 01524 37837 to date i have had no reply ,i have contacted trading standards and gave the all the adresses of sites like this one and all the details i have on craig hesmondhalgh to them ,they are saying this is a police matter now due to the amount of fraud that is being carried out i advise everyone to put 5 mins bye and contact trading standards and give all the info they can get on him plus the adresses of all the sites like this one complaining about him ,i dont want my money back i want this guy arrested and his sites shut down ,i spend a lot of time finding out as much information on this guy as possible then give it to the authorities ,he has to register thigs use adresses etc something will tie back to him and when it does he is screwed

  12. Ian says:

    Martin and others please also have a look at look for the complaints button

    Craigy waigy is in breach of the first data protection protocol and oh of course HIS ripped off legal web site

    have a look at sections 10 and 11. of the act


    Its not big and its not clever

  13. martin says:

    ian you have not been ripped off and the trading standards would not be interested in this if there was no case to answer also nobody would come on a forum definately not a large amount of people to complain and warn others if it was a reputable company and they had recieved their goods which may i remind you have already paid for so there is a case to answer legally and morally

  14. martin says:

    one question ian why are you going all out to defend this guy,its rather odd that you seem to be busting a gut to defend him ,there would be no reason to complain unless you have been genuinly ripped off ,all these people are on because of the way they have been treated by mr cloud ,no communication no refunds try phoning that number and you tell me if you ever get an answer try leaving a polite message ,i dont think you have so go and fone that also send him an e mail and you tell me if you get a reply ,i will also pay for your next item and we will post the details of purchase and lets see if we get our item get uit sent to my adress and lets see who is right as i said its not about the money its about the deception the lack of communication ,taking peoplesc money but not sending the item if your so sure that he is fine lets put it to the test .

  15. Mr Cloud says:

    Hi Martin,

    If you want to contact me with your details I will look into the matter. Obviously without knowing who you are I cannot comment or solve any problems you may have.


  16. martin says:

    sorry ian it should be don i should be asking i never read all your threads properly i do apologize im just that stressed out with all this hassle with mr cloud that its taking its toll also im a full time single parent so my time could be spent better than chasing this guy craig but if people dont stand up to him he is free to keep ripping people off

  17. Mr Cloud says:

    Martin? See the above post.

  18. Joe says:

    Craig, the problem is that if people do contact you in person, you are rude and unhelpful. The only time you seem to want to help and sort problems out is if it’s come to light on a forum where it could damage your reputation. If you really cared about your customers it would never have escalated to this in the first place. Everyone else, just contact Trading Standards and the police.

  19. Mr Cloud says:

    It is surely in your best interests to contact me in order to solve any problem you may have. It is the only way to solve any such problem and the only way to legitimise your claims. Unless I identify you as a customer and state how the matter has been solved you remain an anonymous poster on an unmoderated website issuing statements you cannot possibly prove.

  20. Joe says:

    I have contacted you in person. You were very rude and very uncooperative. I am still out of pocket. Joe is not my real name.

  21. Mr Cloud says:

    Unless you contact us to verify your claims you will remain out of pocket. Surely you would be eager to reach a amiable solution if your claim was genuine?

  22. Joe says:

    I was very eager to reach an amiable solution – unfortunately, Craig, you weren’t. Which is why it is now being investigated by outside sources. I have not used my own name as I don’t wish my personal details to be disclosed by you on this forum like some other customers have been. Also I am not on this forum to enter into a back and forth discussion with you – I am here to talk to other customers, which I am well within my rights to do.

  23. Mr Cloud says:

    Ofcourse. I have only ‘revealed’ the surnames of users so that I can be sure of who they are. On the other hand my full name, personal address and personal phone number have been illegally posted on this site. Yet I am accused of data protection abuse….

  24. Joe says:

    That, quite frankly, is not my problem. Please stop this now, and allow customers to talk to each other without interfering. That is what a forum is for, after all.

  25. Mr Cloud says:

    I, like Ian, have every right to post where I wish and I will continue to defend both myself and my business, even if this obviously inconveniences you.

  26. Joe says:

    It only incoveniences me because it makes me angry to see you write lies. You are not willing to help people or resolve issues – you are simply trying to cover your back against the impending court cases I can only assume you are going to have to attend. I am no longer continuing this conversation with you.

  27. Ian says:

    Eh Craig dont tar me with the same sad brush you use, you scum bag….

    For a quick summary…

    Call trading stadards both locally and in Lancaster…

    Call the Police both locally “customer” and in lancaster

    Make contact with the Royal Mail….

    The Data Protection officer would also love to hear from people who have suffered from in cases he has “outed” see the thing is MR C you were the person that HID his details and not that of your customers, you have a legal obligation not to disclouse the data of your “customers” you yourself have failed that by disclosing as part one of the data protection act…if you were a proper company you would be registered and that infromation IS public, by the very nature of you attempting to hide isnt good

    I have not taken money from people under false pretnices you it seem have, why after a few days of posting do you now use my name eh sado?

    I wonder if Mr cloud keeps his finances in order, I mean HM cutsoms and excise look at forums such as these on a regular basis…now you dont argue with them ever…unless you are foolish

  28. I think this “conversation” with all of you has probably run its course. If mr cloud is being investigated, he will be closed down. However the site on google appears to be still up and running. As a former customer who had a problem, complained to both pay pal and google I am surprised but as I received a refund from my credit card company I am not taking it any further, they are investigating as far as I know. Perhaps those who have received refunds should say so and just let the whole matter rest and be put down to experience. For those who have not received refunds you should dowhat you can, If you used paypal, keep at them as they do advertise that they are a secure way to pay for goods. Perhaps mr cloud could reply to customers in amore polite manner, but if his “company” is in financial dire straits it is understandable, though not excusable to be a little “ratty” at people trying to get back cash which is not there. Think Northeren Rock and youll see what I mean , dont see the government bailling craig out however.

  29. Joe says:

    The cash should be there, though. Paypal have confirmed it entered his account. If that has happened to all the people on this site, then there should be a hell of a lot of cash there! Plenty!

  30. martin says:

    i have sent you numerous e mails ,i have phoned and txted the mobile number on your site to contact you but ive had no reply so why do you want to talk to me now craig you must have seen my e mails i sent enough ,all i wanted was my t shirt that i paid for in good faith

  31. martin says:

    ive been checking mr clouds site and i see he is selling t shirts with the atari logo and nintendo which i dont think he has a licence for can anyone tell me who i contact about this

  32. Mr Cloud says:

    You may well have contacted me but as I don’t know who you are I can’t verify one way or the other. That’s I’m asking you to email me now. If you are genuine you will.

  33. martin says:

    i am genuine and i want my t shirt or my pound of flesh either will do

  34. If the cash entered his account then where is it now, paypal told me there were no funds in said account. Seems odd to me

  35. Mr Cloud says:

    OK Martin but you look destined to be disappointed if all you want is ‘revenge’.

  36. Joe says:

    He must have removed the funds. I have copies of the transaction and Paypal have confirmed the money entered his account. I can only assume they have been transferred to his bank account so that none of us can have access to money which is rightfully ours. Nice.

  37. martin says:

    ok my order number is Order #3921 (Accepted)
    Order Date: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
    the item i bought was Products
    1 x Clockwork Orange T-shirt
    – Size: Adult Medium
    – Color: Red £14.99
    when am i getting my t shirt

  38. Sari says:

    After two months waiting a MIRACLE has happened! After complaining, posting everywhere, contacting Nintendo Britain and offering help to Pamela I have been refunded.

    Voice of reason; Paypal said the account was empty so I couldn’t be refunded. I didn’t pay with creditcard so couldn’t get it any other way than getting loud on these forums. And see I got a refund within two days (my bank said it would take 5 days).
    This is the frustration of having nowhere to go especially if you are from outside the UK. Paypal couldn’t do a thing because they are a mediator and don’t have the legal means to get the money back if you transfer it from a bank account. They do not get your money back if you pay with a creditcard but your creditcard company does that. They have the legal means to do so.

    Happily Craig seems to be concerned about his reputation when you do enough harm to his reputation he will refund. But not in the normal way. I contacted him through email and all he repeated was that Paypal took my money and he didn’t get it. Funny that he now refunded so quickly when he said he never got the money in the first place!!!

    I still hope that a lot of people read these forums before ordering and are warned not to go through the hassle others have.

    Pamela and Sarah: THANK YOU if it weren’t for you two I never would have know how to get my money back.

    And for Craig/Mrcloud: learn something from these forums. People do get so frustrated because they don’t get any where if they contact you through the proper ways: phone, email and website. Therefore they go public because if they complain enough, go to watchdog, Nintendo, police and other public institutes you WILL refund.
    But that is not the normal way to deal with customers!

  39. Mr Cloud says:

    Glad to hear it Sari.

    Martin: I can resend tomorrow if you wish. It would be alot easier if you emailed me though as I’m not resending without confirmation of address.

  40. Mr Cloud says:

    Just to confirm: I’ve received no contact at all from any authority.


  41. martin says:

    ok i will e mail you just now and you can post tomorow

  42. martin says:

    e mail sent

  43. Mr Cloud says:

    I haven’t received anything. Please contact us through the site.

  44. martin says:

    i have just e mailed you through the site i will do it again to make sure you definately get it

  45. Mr Cloud says:

    I can see you have. I’ll give it half an hour and email you if nothing has arrived.

  46. martin says:

    thats my second e mail sent through the site

  47. Ian says:

    Craig, if you are having problems with yer email contact yer ISP and web domain maybe they cut you off??


  48. Ian says:

    Explain how if you have an order confirmation number yu cant then track that “customer”?

    Bad practice again??????

  49. Mr Cloud says:

    The abusive emails you’ve been sending us Ian aren’t sent anonymously. Sending them from your work place is a very silly idea. Bright Grey mean anything to you?

    Ofcourse not.

  50. Ian says:

    Martin, are you sure of those dates cos, well thast way beyound the 28 days Mr legal claims he operates too and within….hmmm not another I put it in the post please…..I mean its getting thread bare