You Never Knew You Needed a T-Shirt Feed Aggregator

tee feeds

Just found a nice little feed aggregator called TeeFeeds. Sure they are not creating much original but provide an interesting look at the T-Shirt zeitgeist. I think they picked some good blogs as well, present company accepted. Rather similar in design to PopUrls and Alltop they are basically bringing in the latest headlines from T-Shirt blogs using their RSS. Of course don’t forget the best visual T-Shirt aggregator Rumplo.

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  1. Jemaleddin says:

    I just wish sites would include a feed. I really like, but there is no way I'm going to remember to visit the site EVERY day! But if I could read it in Google Reader…

  2. justin says:

    they have since updated, check the forum under news

  3. hideyourarms says:

    Tee Feeds is based on an open source WordPress script/theme that is linked to at the bottom of the site in case you wanted to roll your own version with other sites for the headlines. It's a really cool bit of software and not that hard to set up either.

  4. karllong says:

    Agreed, most of these sites are entirely motivated by ad revenue that comes from page views and they are essentially trying to be an alternative to RSS, sort of RSS for the rest of the world who don't use an RSS reader. Great tip on TeeFury BTW I had never heard of them.

  5. karllong says:

    I might need to set something up like that for links on my site

  6. hideyourarms says:

    I decided to stop being lazy, here's the link to the script by ericulous:

  7. Peter says:

    Really? I don't really see the point. People interested in staying up to date with so many one-subject-blogs will surely use an RSS reader?

  8. karllong says:

    I agree that an RSS reader is the way to go but I believe that there are plenty of people out there who don't know what RSS is

  9. rodneyb says:

    So far I've been using the “web clips” feature of gmail for reading RSS feeds. It's like getting only the text ads that you want (at least most of the time)

  10. karllong says:

    One option for sites that don't have rss feeds is to roll your own using tools like or

  11. Palpitar says:

    Brilhante.Sou fa deste blogue.Inspira-me para escrever as minhas piadas no palpitar.netVoltarei :-)

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