Yes We Can – New Artist Series from Tcritic

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I wrote about the Yes We Can t-shirt from Laura Cline a week or so ago. Laura was selling the shirt through Etsy (which I love) but was not able to keep up with demand. Anyway, I reached out and suggested that I print the design for her and give her a good cut of the profits, and i’m happy to say she agreed. I love the shirt and have had lots of great feedback wearing it, everyone smiles :)

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  1. Colin says:

    Nice work, Karl. This shirt gave me a good laugh when I saw it before–I'm glad it's found a permanent store.

  2. karllong says:

    Thanks Colin, yeah, I love this design, really fun and clever.

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  4. gsik says:

    this is awesome!

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  6. Ames says:

    I love this shirt… check out some other great tees at

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  8. Heftig! Das hatte ich niemals fur moglich gehalten :)

  9. M Temme says:

    thats a cool shirt

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