Ye Olde Vintage Pretension T-Shirt

Go Ape shirts is one of our favorite companies at Tcritic and now there’s a new tee in town, “Vintage Pretension” by Joshua Kemble. The text reads “Ye Oldé Vintage Pretension: Utilizing a vaster knowledge of fine music, art, & literature to humilitate the common man.” Yep, pretension has been around for a LONG time. The print is massive on this one. Unfortunately, the print shop that I used still continued to print this shirt on girls’ sizes, even though the print was a bit too big. Therefore, some of the girls’ shirts may have some or all of the bottom text missing. Girls’ shirts will be $10 instead of $18.

8 Responses to “Ye Olde Vintage Pretension T-Shirt”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    A successful vintage parody! Nicely done!

  2. franklyn says:

    Nice!! i just got a cool vintage print hunter s thompson “running for sheriff” shirt. i love vintage prints. check it out.

    plus it was free shipping!

  3. Steven says:

    YES! i love the vintage style, iv always been a fan of people that can pull it off… very nice.

  4. SIMONE says:

    t-shirts Animal farm tees. they have FREE SHIPPING! and alot of great stuff.

  5. jonnyblur says:

    I wish I were a girl for these shirts, but 18.00 aren’t that bad!

  6. So many shirts like these can miss the mark but this is a quality vintage style… I doth my cap sir/madam!

  7. Apparel Fan says:

    Nothing like Vintage to bring back the good ole days. Too bad the Blank T-Shirts that were used aren’t vintage as well.

  8. coachoutlet says:

    T-shirt T-shirt animal farms. They have free delivery! And many great things. I love the style restoring ancient ways is always a lover, four, can close it… Very good. Everyone has everyone hobby!

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