Wonderfully Geeky T-Shirts from Dresden Codak Webcomic


The Copenhagen Interpretation is one those wonderful high level physics concepts that provides a wealth of thinking material for creative folks and can give rise to many popular concepts in science fiction. The idea of having a fantasy camp built around it is a wonderful idea. The web comics that Dresden Codak our awesome as well, like Cave Man Science Fiction, alternate pre-history fan fiction, and 42 essential 3rd act plot twists :)


6 Responses to “Wonderfully Geeky T-Shirts from Dresden Codak Webcomic”

  1. skatimmy737 says:

    Dresden Codak is definitely one of the best illustrated web comics out there. A bit obscure but a must see for the nerdy crowd.

  2. demonpack says:

    I’ll check Dresden Codak out, I like the style of these designs.

  3. Jake says:

    These tees are a bit too science and politically ‘heavy’ for me. Let’s turn Copehagen, into Hopenhagen :P

  4. Petra says:

    Oh, cool designs. I like them.

  5. wow its very nice design. i like it this design

  6. Tony Sandy says:

    Thought you might find my artwork/ theory on the universe interesting as it includes themed T’s.

    Also have a few slogans that I’m trying to find a home for (old and over the hill but still looking over my shoulder with binochulars, just in case…).

    Computer language is all geek to me

    Don’t call me supermum – I’m just an ironing maiden

    Prejudice is a fashion statement

    Reality doesn’t take prisoners

    How did you know I was Australian? (Written upside-down)

    Norwegian classical music is all Grieg to me

    There’s nothing like death for sobering you up

    Where would I be without me?

    I’m the only gray in the village

    There’s no excuse for real life

    Be kind to me it’s “I’m not really sure who I am” week

    I’m keeping up a brave front, considering what’s going on
    behind my back!

    Only a fool who’s fooling himself, can fool another fool!

    I have nothing to say but that I have nothing to say (and I can
    see no point in telling you that there is no point in telling you

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