Wish Granted – Karens Getting her car

Wish Granted

Remember Karen with her T-Shirt I don’t want to die on the streets of LA? Well she had emailed me about her t-shirt and her story, and on my advice she took her story to the robin hood fund and guess what, she’s getting $4,000 to get a car. Wish granted! Now all she needs to do is drive up to san francisco in her sweet ride and buy me a beer.



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  1. Jeff says:

    Holy crap! It works! That’s awesome.

  2. Karen Kane says:


    Thank you ALL so much for your support! I was told that many of my views came from this site!

    What a wild week! I must have emailed everyone I have ever met in my life asking them to check out my story!

    It feels SOOO good to apart of the internet community!

    Thanks ESPECIALLY TO KARL LONG for turning me on the Robin Hood Fund website.

    AND thanks to the Robin Hood Fund for existing!

    The actual prize I won was $500 which is the equivalent to 125 tshirts!!!! So it totally rocks! And I am soooo much closer to be safe in a car!

    I will be updating my site http://www.idontwannadieonthestreetsofla.com
    with the photos of people who bought shirts as well as video as I am planning on doing a documentary on this whole wild ride.

    Feel free to email me at idontwannadieonthestreetsofla@yahoo.com!


  3. Thats good news
    Hope all other wishes of her to be granted

    Enjoy the new car

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