Will Wheaton to Design Thursday’s T-Shirt Woot!

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Ever Bought A T-Shirt Designed By Somebody On Star Trek? You Wil.
Speaking of Shirt.Woot, noted actor, author, gambler, blogger, and
android Wil Wheaton adds ”t-shirt designer” to his CV this Thursday,
and it’s all going down at Shirt.Woot. This is like a true-cross thing
for hardcore geeks (like us), except that Wil himself will never have
laid eyes on your actual shirt, much less hands. But still. As for the
design, we don’t want to give too much away, so we’ll just thank Wil
for rolling the DICE with us to release this to-DIE-for tee.

From the Woot newsletter.

You can follow Wil on Twitter here and of course your myself on twitter here hint: it’s a good way to share t-shirt designs with me, email is increasingly out of control :)

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7 Responses to “Will Wheaton to Design Thursday’s T-Shirt Woot!”

  1. HalfEmpty says:

    Did Worf design today's shirt.woot?

  2. The Mad Finn says:

    The shirt is up:


    Apart from being celebrity designed I don't think there's anything special about this shirt. Next.

  3. karllong says:

    LOL, and sold out!

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  5. nice content…
    I’m glad that your shirt is already out.

  6. Sandy Kubsch says:

    Ernest Hemingway~ Theres absolutely nothing noble in becoming superior for your fellow males. Accurate nobility is being superior to your former self.

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