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Andrea submitted this little t-shirt store in Louisville called WhyLouisville, which is not your average tourist shop. I particularly like the fact that the designs are from local artists and designers, some irreverent and others nothing to do with Louisville. Here’s what Andrea has to say:

A couple of errant Louisvillians began Lebowskifest (an annual festival to celebrate The Big Lewbowski with white russians, bowling, what-have-you) several years ago, and from their tidal wave of success also came the business venture known as WhyLouisville. WhyLouisville is a tiny shop in Louisville’s bohemian district that sells tchochkes emblazoned with local slogans and images, including, in large part, t-shirts. The store sells arty shirts designed by local graphic designers as well as more populist designs, making it both a universally-acclaimed bastion of local design and local culture, as well as a successful business.

The store is located at 1609 1/2 Bardstown Rd. in Louisville, KY and
at http://www.whylouisville.com (click on “shop” or “designs” to see
the shirts they offer).

Thanks Andrea, your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way! Go buy some more threadless shirts and fund some more gift certificates for everyone :-)

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  1. MJ says:

    Those shirts are great! I wish all cities were lucky enough to have t-shirt shops like this.

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  3. karl says:

    No kidding MJ, this one is a great example, lots of local t-shirt shops cater to tourists, but this one looked like it catered to locals and tourists (if they were cool enough to hear about it)

  4. stephanie says:

    how can I get this shirt? I want one!

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