Whiskey T-Shirt from Blacktooth – Art of Carey Haider

Blacktooth Whisky

Don’t know why it’s called Whiskey but it’s a damn fine shirt from Blacktooth. They are run out of Portland, Oregon and seems like a lot of the shirts are based on the art of Carey Haider. The designs are really unique and they tend to do short runs of 20 pieces each, so your unlikely to run into the embarrassing threadless problem of showing up at parties with the same shirt as someone else.

Lips by Blacktooth
This ones called Looking for a Kiss

(unfortunately because of the frames I was unable to link to the shirts directly, but their aren’t too many so you should be able to find them)

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  1. I’ve seen lots of his shirts via myspace and yet to own one. Real soon though because I really like them.

  2. Joe Mader says:

    I just got my ‘Looking for a Kiss’ shirt. Its great. Its not a cheap ironon..but its not printed directly on either.

    very personal…handwritten shipping and a free sticker!


  3. tcritic.com says:

    Whiskey T-Shirt from Blacktooth…

    Whiskey T-Shirt from Blacktooth – Art of Carey Haider at Tcritic…

  4. clonedead says:

    i totally have the whiskey shirt. It is pretty sweet, the text and pictures are a little creepy. I am a medium/large and the medium fit me good other than it may be a little long. You can kind of tell in the pic, the bottom of the shirt is hanging past the model’s wrists and he is not a short dude. i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone under 5’9″ in the medium unless you like looking like you’re wearing a dress.

  5. clonedead says:

    oh, and the shirt got here about 3 days after i ordered it (if anyone is counting.)

  6. Joe Mader says:

    my band just had a show, and i wore my Looking for a Kiss shirt…check out pics at http://www.myspace.com/theanchors or http://www.myspace.com/jackassrocker …but in one shot the lips may look blue..i toy with photoshop.

  7. Dennis Carey says:

    thanks for the post

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