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where is my happy face

Aaron has sent in an article about Uneetee and when I was checking out the site I came across the “Where is my happy face” T-shirt which I thought was a lot of fun, shame they are mostly out of stock but they do have a reprint button similar to threadless. Anyway, thanks for the article Aaron, your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way!

Elaborating on an Old System
By Aaron Burk aka cARtOoNer

Uneetee.com has been an interesting site to watch develop. Its ground-breaking idea to have a brand new t-shirt everyday may not have sold a lot of shirts, but it insured its sellers no loss from production. Because all the orders come in on one day, Uneetee only has to print the exact number of shirts ordered. I am not 100% sure that is how they do it, but that seems to be the most logical way. The idea seems watertight, except for the fact that a new t-shirt everyday can be a tad overwhelming to costumers.
Along with the changing of a featured shirt every day Uneetee seems to be changing their sites concept. Because they recently started giving away bulk prizes monthly, sort of like the ever-popular Threadless. They started with a simple $1000 grand prize winner of the month to the best voted tee, and since then it has become $1500 and most recently it awards the top 5 t-shirts money EACH MONTH. Which is bound to attract designers, including myself.

So if you are a designer out there looking for a contest that is new and a lot less competitive than Threadless, but with as much of a pay off I would check out Uneetee.com.

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  1. Jeff says:

    i’m always tempted to buy this one. First shirt I bought from them was their Mystery Shirt last week and it SWEEEET! I got a Mystery Shirt with a design of a gun with flower coming out.

  2. Fiona Long says:

    I love this one! It makes me think of those brilliant vids going around Facebok at the mo’ with Lego reenactments of Eddie Izzard monologues. They’re soooo funny!

  3. IsaacNorton says:

    Received this shirt today and it’s AWESOME. Great print, Soft American Apparel like always!

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