Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts


If there was one empathetic relationship I had with a video game character last year it was with the Weighted Companion Cube in Valve’s amazing puzzle FPS Portal. If you have an xbox or pc I highly recommend getting the orange box if only to play portal :-)

A nice picture of the valve shirt from DeviantArt

cake is a lie
The cake is a lie from Jinx

cube hoodie
Companion Cube Hoodie from Etsy

Anyone else know of companion cube paraphernalia?

Another from Sebastian at Split Reason from the web comic Cntl+Alt+Delete web comic.
companion cube split reason

17 Responses to “Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts”

  1. Brian says:

    here’s a link to a howto so you can turn a rubik’s cube into a companion cube:

  2. karl says:

    Nice Brian, thanks.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Here’s one from Ctrl Alt Del (webcomic) that we sell:


  4. MJ says:

    There’s also a parody shirt of the Cake is a Lie idea available at Shirt.Woot:


  5. I can’t really identify the references of the cake is forever. Could you see my I Love Harlem shirts too http://iloveharlem.net

  6. John says:

    Rubiks is fun, but so is britney spears! go to youaresofamous dotcom and check that shit out.

  7. Derek says:

    nice shirt. i like the design

  8. wrhz says:


  9. Beat says:

    I say this is dope!!! =D

  10. bibi says:

    I love portal but I want the cake image made out of text on a tee. You know, the one in the credits after you beat the game. That's what I want. I do love the companion cube hoodie up there from Etsy though.

  11. The black shirt that says “The cake is a lie but the cube is forever” is cute.

  12. Tees Chat says:

    Wow this is unique t-shirt, i like companion cube t-shirt. Simple and interesting.
    Thanks for review.

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