War Is Hell from Zeroboutique

war is hell model

The War is Hell t-shirt is a pretty damn arresting image. Kind of puts things in perspective, although in the immortal words of spinal tap “Too much, there’s too much fucking perspective now”. I’m actually not sure I’d wear the shirt myself, it seems almost exploitative.

war is hell

Of course Zeroboutique has lots of more light hearted designs, all hand screened on american apparel.


Unfortunately I can’t deep link to the shirts themselves so you’ll have to dig around, on a side note to anyone trying to sell anything online, make sure people can link to individual products, that is how people talk about your products online. If you hide all the links to your products using frames or flash you are stopping your customers talking about your products.

3 Responses to “War Is Hell from Zeroboutique”

  1. Heelcandy says:

    I think the war t-shirt is the perfect way to let everyone know your feelings about the ongoing conflicts that the US is in right now. It is aesthetic and powerful without being in your face.

  2. karl says:

    I agree on the aesthetic, admittedly they had a brilliant and powerful photo to work with, but they have done a great job of integrating it with the form of the shirt.

  3. brad says:

    disagree-These boys are people not icons to be used to market something. Hell, next week, I’m going to create a tshirt that utilizes corpses from the holocaust to emphasize human rights. I might even have them printed on a bev naps or on a beer huggie, that’l make a point.

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