Vote Opposite – Juxtaposed Vote Hillary and Vote Obama T-Shirts

Vote Oposite

Is this some kind of micro trend with a “vote candidate” slogan with the opposing candidates picture on it? Just in the last week I saw the Vote Hillary and Vote Obama T-shirts from Headline shirts (a source at the company also told me that the vote Obama is selling 20% more than the Vote Hillary, a t-shirt poll?). And then Mingled sent me a couple of images of his line of t-shirts he’s done for the Mayoral race in London which say Vote Ken and Vote Boris (again with the images reversed).

Hmmm, havn’t these guys seen the Vintage Vantage T-shirt, reverse phycology doesn’t work :-)

Vv Psych 1

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  1. Great looks, I love the dude flying in a corporate suit and wings. Whatever drugs the artist was using must work real well. I was wondering if Dallas, TX ever gets a version of what San Fran just had. We have a Galleria too. I would love to attend if so. Looks like you covered it well. Great post.

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