Venture Brothers Shirt of the Week Club

The brilliant cartoon on Adult Swim The Venture Brothers has just started a Shirt of the Week service where every week they will put out a new t-shirt themed on their latest episode. The t-shirts will only be sold for that week and then they will be done. You can sign up and subscribe to all 13 shirts for $250 so you don’t miss any, go to to check it out. The new season drops on June 1st folks.

Here’s a write up from John who sent in the tip:

Astrobase Go!, the creators of the Venture Bros., have launched their Amazing Shirt Club. Season 3 of The Venture Bros. hits June 1st on Adult Swim. And after each episode airs, a shirt whose design is grounded in that particular episode will hit the web, available for purchase–but for a limited time only. Once the next episode airs, the old shirt’s orders are closed and the new orders begin. This for 13 t-shirts in all, one for each episode. People can either buy them individually (prices start at $22 each, including domestic shipping) or buy a subscription (starting at $250 each, including domestic shipping) to receive all 13 plus an exclusive bonus shirt design only available to subscribers. And the subscriptions close June 7th. Move quickly, friends. And, you know, Go Team Venture.

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