Uranus and The Shunning T-Shirts from Cloth Moth

Uranus 1

I got a few sample shirts in the mail last week from Joshua at Cloth Moth, and I’ve got to say i’ve had a very positive experience with them so far. The shirts are very good quality and the prints are really nice screen prints, and as for the jokes i’ve had a lot of laughs and giggles from people. The thing I really like about the humor on Cloth Moth shirts is that they tend to be a slow burn, people have to think for a bit and then the penny drops, I think they get funnier over time the longer you live with them, which is rather unusual for T-Shirt humor which tends to immediately beat you over the head and then seem rather stupid a week later.

Uranus 2

I’ve had a great reaction to The Shunning, it just seems to make people smile.


Not only do they have a nice selection of subtly humorous t-shirts they also have some baby onesies so if you are reproducing you should check them out as well.

Oh and if you want to lampoon all the Bloomingdale poseurs get yourself a Dangly Brown Sack :-)


5 Responses to “Uranus and The Shunning T-Shirts from Cloth Moth”

  1. Jaleeb Caru says:

    Their Monkey Business shirt is wonderful.

  2. Derek says:

    Love the Uranus shirt! Really funny stuff.


  3. HaHo says:

    hahahahaha funnny :)))))

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