Two T-Shirts from Jordan Atkinson

oh death

Well i’ve been waiting all week to post these because after I found Jordan’s web site, it promptly went down and was down all frikin week. Anyway, it’s back up and worth checking out, he’s a designer and artist and sells some pretty awesome prints on his site. He went to college pretty near where I grew up in the UK and now lives and works in London. Anyway, he’s only got two shirts right now but I hope to see more.

frankie says relax

Oh, and yes there is a huge Amy Winehouse resemblance, which reminds me of this Amy Crackhouse shirt from LuckyThreadz :-)

6 Responses to “Two T-Shirts from Jordan Atkinson”

  1. Joe says:

    Ha ha ha, that’s a great take on the iconic ‘Frankie says relax’ t-shirt!

  2. Philip Shade says:

    Is that Amy Winehouse?

  3. Blake says:

    I had no idea that Amy Winehouse is a vampire….that explains a few things now. :)

  4. karl says:

    It does look like amy doesn’t it :-)

  5. Jordan says:

    these shirts are priceless lolol like the winehouse ones

  6. jorge says:

    umm, hello. can i buy these anywhere?

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