Turn Signals In Your Hoodie

turn signals

Leah Buechley used the LilyPad wearable e-textile technology that she created to turn this jacket into an illuminated turn signal for cyclists, or pedestrians, or big wheelers, or even motorcyclists I guess.


You can buy all the Lily Pad series of wearable, sewable and believe it or not washable technology here. If anyone does anything cool with a t-shirt leave a comment and i’ll repost.

Found on Why Me, a very cool blog about design stuff.

5 Responses to “Turn Signals In Your Hoodie”

  1. Dan says:

    haha this reminds me of when Bart had the utility belt with the signals on the back and he faked out the bullies chasing him by pointing left and running right.


  2. Ben says:

    Ahh how fashionable. This is actually onto something i think though. I mean imagine clothing or t-shirts that would light up or change colour by flashing?! That would be awesome. I would get this…maybe.

  3. Amanda says:

    Every SF tourist should be legally required to wear this hoodie.

    On an entirely separate thought I really want this sweatshirt.

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  5. Cool! Is it really washable? I'm afraid it will no longer work after they've been washed.

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