Torso Pants T-Shirts For Smart Asses


Think of Torso Pants as the thinking mans T-Shirt Hell, well actually it’s by the same people as T-Shirt hell but with less rudeness and more obscure humor. I am a particular fan of the I <3 Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations and the Hancock Blocker

hancock blocker

All the shirts can be custom configured when you order so you get a lot of choice regarding color and style. I’m not sure what kind of printing method they are using but when I get my hands on one I’ll do a more thorough review.

13 Responses to “Torso Pants T-Shirts For Smart Asses”

  1. Dave says:

    i heart “i heart shirts”. transitive picto-what? that’s funny stuff!

  2. Eric says:

    It’s hard to imagine that tshirthell has such a tame side.

  3. danielle macalister says:

    hii danielle mcalister here I LOVE james McVicor and Mark MCALISTER

  4. danielle macalister says:

    danielle mcalister here love all da boys in my class!!!!

  5. danielle macalister says:

    loving da tees there are lefal im gan tey buy one now I LOVE TORSO PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:D:D

  6. danielle macalister says:


  7. a real fan of torso not spam says:

    this is soo sad thought this was a tshirt site to view them not a random spam site spam should be took off

  8. a real fan of torso not spam says:

    seriously im not joking about random spam is just sad

  9. karl says:

    Someone being a douche maybe, but It’s not spam IMHO, there are no random off topic links.

  10. a real fan of torso not spam says:

    yea sure but this thing is also sad if you think bout it
    posting on a site hoping someone will talk to you instead of posting stuff bout the site

  11. a real fan of torso not spam says:

    love some of these tops

  12. LOWRSE!!! says:

    emily w dnt be writing shit bout danielle!
    thts fucking bullying!
    im not trying to be nasty but u r takin it TOO far!!!

  13. a real fan of torso says:

    look how much random spam o_o/-_-

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