top ten star wars t-shirts

Your Empire Needs You!
your empire needs you

Probably my fav star wars t-shirt ever, the only problem is I can’t find where to buy it any more, used to be carried by Leapstore in the UK but they stopped carrying it, I’ll pay $50 to $100 for it depending on condition. Originally blogged here and a version from Chunk Design here (not as good a design IMHO although I’m not sure who’s is the first)

Boo Boo Walker from Goapeshirts

A great design from Go Ape Shirts, comes in a T-shirt or a hoodie, and i can confirm the quality is really nice.

Air Wookie – Upper Playground
air wookie from upper playground
There are not enough t-shirts in the world with Wookies on them IMHO so Air Wookie from upper playground fills an important niche.

That’s No Spoon by the imitable Tom Burns
that's no spoon
Tom Burns deserves some serious props for his designs, from the communist party to this, all his stuff just works. That’s No Spoon in particular just works on so many levels.

Metal Vader
Metal Vader

Metal Vader is actually official merchandise from designed by Chunk Design

Surfing Stormtrooper
Surfing Stormtrooper
also from

I’m The First Of A Clone Army
Jitcrunch 1 01
and one for the kids from squirtshirts

As a bonus on this post here are a couple more designs/ideas that should be Star Wars t-shirts.

First off, Che-Bacca,
chebacca from threadless
this got hundreds of votes on threadless, and the voting ended in December, so where the hell’s the t-shirt?

and of course this version that was posted to a forum 3+ years ago
chebacca original

why the hell isn’t this already a t-shirt? I’m just thinking of ripping it off as a public service as the world is a duller, flatter, less interesting place without this t-shirt (it was posted to boingboing as well so it’s not like people haven’t seen it)

And here’s some inspiration for a t-shirt
clone war vetran

Some honorable Mentions (from the comments)

Han Shot First from Think Geek
han shot first

The Dark Side of the Garden from Threadless
dark side of the garden

Another awesome Che parody, I love these.

At At Crossing and Destroyer Mobile by Bret Chambers
at at crossing

mobile star destroyers

Kooper from Domestic Apparel
The kiss troopers, awesome!

Sand Wars from Threadless – Go vote for it
sand wars

Han’s Solo from Ironic Corporation
han's solo

Darth Pez – by Tcritic

A little shameless self promotion, Darth Pez is a new shirt in my line based on a linocut from our artist friend Eric Rewitzer. It’s hand screened on an American Apparel silver t-shirt and it’s currently on sale for $18.

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  1. This shirt is class! Love when Star Wars is mixed in with reality! Best Star Wars T-shirt i’ve seen

  2. Alice says:

    Wow! You have a great collection of Star Wars t-shirt. I just love that Han’s solo t-shirt from Ironic Corporation and my son is a great fan of Stormtrooper shirts.

  3. DaveCourtney says:

    Love the sandbox one! I think this is a good one from – Chalmun’s Cantina from Mos Eisley check it!

  4. I am really happy to see such a big collection of starwar t-shirts. I loved the metal vader and che-bacca t-shirt but che-bacca looks somewhat scary.

  5. Danman says:

    Chech out a new star wars design at and vote on it.

  6. caoch outlet says:

    Another awesome Che parody, I love these.

  7. Great collections, nice to see star wars tshirt.. also like Darth Pez

  8. kevin says:

    It’s amazing how some topics just keep on coming back, must be a reflection on our childhood

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    Do you like this Tee design?

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