Too Soon? Smokey the Bear from LuckyThreadz

smokey the bear

I have mixed feelings about this design, what do you think?

8 Responses to “Too Soon? Smokey the Bear from LuckyThreadz”

  1. Tom says:

    I admit, I’m laughing but a little horrified at the same time.

  2. heelcandy says:

    I’m with you Karl. I think this is bad taste considering how recent the San Diego fires are but luckythreadz are nothing if not daring…

  3. karl says:

    you know I’m on the fence as to whether this is bad taste or a really thought provoking message. On the one side there is the knee jerk reaction that this is making fun of smokey caught in the fire. The deeper message may be that our current communication mechanisms are not working and that something needs to be done. i think the tragic nature of the illustration makes it much more sympathetic than I gave it credit for on first glance.

  4. J. Robert says:

    huh huh huh… I know i am not supposed to laugh but…
    It’s kinda like that moped joke from way back, fun to ride you just don’t want to get caught!

  5. heelcandy says:

    Hmm…good point. If the designer was thinking along the lines of Smokey being out dated and ineffective, then this t-shirt really is a great way to express that. However I still won’t be buying this shirt, can’t find any shoes to go with an orange shirt. =).

  6. Jack says:

    This shirt is freakin’ hilarious! It fits well with the tongue in cheek genre of the Lucky Threadz line and, according to them (I called their 1-800) was scheduled to launch before the San Diego fires even broke out…

    What’s funnier than Smoke Dog the bear getting torched? Maybe Mr. T and Chuck Norris making out is about all I can think of…

    I think you guys read too deeply into it…it’s simply a funny shirt. I personally cant help but laugh every time I click back to it!

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