Tonight We Kill For Kittens T-Shirt – By RRP Off Shirts

Kill for Kittens 48

Not only do these guys have great t-shirts, like the aforementioned Kill For Kittens T-shirt, they have a great web site. Great design, fun graphics, obviously these guys have a great sense of humor. Check out their Gentlemen of Leisure male model section.

Kill for Kittens 47

4 Responses to “Tonight We Kill For Kittens T-Shirt – By RRP Off Shirts”

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  2. I love this shirt. I wish they used American Apparel though, although the fruit of the loom best tees aren’t bad.

  3. J says:

    I really wish it said “Tonight We Kill Kittens” instead. But I’m glad they don’t use American Apparel, they’re a pretty exploitative shady company. A good start.

  4. hjffi says:

    OMG so soooooooo cutifull u ppl are so hot!

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