Tired of Ed Hardy T-shirts, yeah me too, check out “to die for”

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I just got an email from the guys at To Die For Clothing and I’ve got to say I kind of like there stuff. There designs are inspired by graffiti, tattoos, and other art, and the results are pretty cool. I generally don’t like design companies where they use there names in a lot of the designs, but somehow it works for To Die For, because it seems to be more focused on the wearer as opposed to the design company. Anyway, if your tired of seeing Ed Hardy shirts everywhere you look check these guys out.

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11 Responses to “Tired of Ed Hardy T-shirts, yeah me too, check out “to die for””

  1. nerdXcore says:

    Their designs are top notch. “Ink & Daggers” is my favorite. And yeah, way more appealing than the boring, overpriced Ed Hardy stuff.

  2. The Mad Finn says:

    Good looking shirts. I just wish they’d do more shirts without the company logo as awesome as it is. I hate logo shirts (you listening that Marc Ecko?)

  3. karl says:

    I agree, that’s why i’m not so keen on Ed Hardy t-shirts. Shirts with the designers names allover them always seem to be more about the designers and less about the person wearing it.

  4. Ebony says:

    whatever quit hating on the man because he did it first, unless he can pull off something else he’s going to be a like vonn dutch… and where is that now???

    Lady True CEO

  5. J-Mo says:

    That’s funny… Christian Audigier is the one who took Von Dutch and made it into what it is/was. He’s just doing his own thing with “Ed Hardy” now!

  6. vera oak says:

    lovethem, great shirts.

  7. evil_one says:

    Ed Hardy=the bastardization of the tattoo culture for profit. Thanks Christian, you’re a real piece of shit. Von Dutch…do you even know who Von Dutch is? “um…the eyeball with wings?”
    Ed Hardy is simple, take a design from an old tradition of american tattooing history, screen it onto a cheap tee, bedazzle it, there you go. Old school traditional tattoo style art is so simple, a pre-pubescent blind kid could draw it up, then all you have to do is pay a guy to vector it out and send it to print. Tee’s seriously cost $3-5 to make, a little more if there is a foil involved. Go Ed Hardy…keep on raping the tattoo industry (who hates you by the way).
    To Die For, Ring of Fire and Ink & Daggers are some of thee finest designs ive seen for a while, with the exception of Upper Playground and the Alex Pardee designs, 24SF designs (A division of Upper Playground) I havent seen much else thats worth buying retail.
    Fresh Jive has a ‘Eat Shit & Die’ tee that is out of this world.
    (haters…contact AIM=inklaboratory. im always available.)

  8. WhatTImeisIt says:


  9. zoe says:

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  10. Ada says:

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  11. sean says:

    @ebony, todiefor has been around wayyyyyy longer then ed hardy or von dutch only differnce is that christan audgier went hollywood with it while todiefor chose to keep it underground and stick with the true meaning of the company. to die for what you believe in and not sellout to make a quick buck.

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