Three T-Shirt Directories

Rumplo is a very nice community driven t-shirt collection with voting, profiles etc. Good filtering functionality by color, and nice combination of popular and upcoming on the front page. Sort of Digg for t-shirts

Duck With Glasses
Duck With Glasses is a collection of t-shirt links and images, mostly affiliate driven, with some search features. If you know about the big t-shirt companies there is not a lot of new stuff here.

Liquid Cotton
Another affiliate driven site with lots of t-shirts from the big companies, but with some community voting features. Not sure what was going on though as none of the outgoing links were working.

Both of the sites here that are primarily collections of affiliate links are ok, but if they wanted to be really successful I would suggest they build a widget that t-shirt bloggers could put in there side bar using their own affiliate codes, that way the blogger gets a bit of revenue and the directory can have an link built into the widget back to the main directory. Anyone trying to use affiliate links know what a frikin nightmare it is to try and build those links, and if you could automate the process (as they are already doing) I think bloggers would be all over it. In fact, build it to work for any affiliate products and millions of bloggers might take advantage, think about all those incoming links :-)



As Rangga from the I missed out which IMHO is certainly one of the strongest designs. Looks like the site was put together by Deft Creative out of the UK so kudos to them, not sure if they did it as an experiment, portfolio piece or for a client? I wonder if they could help me redesign and add some features tcritic :-)

Plug: if you haven’t checked it out come and join the T-Shirt Appreciation Society on facebook, yeah! Also Rethink clothing just posted a 10% off coupon there use “tenoff”.

Update: Springwise the trend portal just posted about Rumplo

20 Responses to “Three T-Shirt Directories”

  1. Jaleeb Caru says:

    Just spend a good chunk of time at Rumplo and saw some really, really great stuff. I’m a bit surprised of the prices of some of this stuff though. I spotted four or five shirts I would have bought if the prices weren’t so, IMHO, unreasonable.

    BTW, nice to see so many shirts that you featured. Keep up the good eye!

  2. Rangga says:

    nice list Karl, don’t forget I like Rumplo a lot, never seen before.

    Keep those shirts coming!

  3. Mandi says:

    Excellent post, thank you for giving us a little info about the sites, and not just the links.

  4. Paul says:

    Nice list. Rumplo is a new one to me, not seen that one before, lots of good shirts listed there. I find that with a lot of the t-shirt directories, that affiliate promotion kind of gets in the way of finding awesome designs sometimes.

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  7. Jeff says:

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  8. ross says:

    nice list. those are some good tees.

  9. Kate Moran says:

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  10. Travis says:

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  14. Green World says:

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  16. Joe says:

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  18. Funniest says:

    If you don’t mind, I’ll drop my link here too. My designs are all original and tend to be lower key. Thanks tcritic.

  19. Rick says:

    An e-commerce website selling military-themed t-shirts, AloneAndUnafraid features apparel and merchandise with military-style graphics from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Founded by two U.S. Marines, donates 5 percent of its sales to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

  20. EPOL says:

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