Three New Tcritic T-Shirts – Darth Pez and Obama Yes We Can

I’m thrilled to share with you three more shirts including Darth Pez, Yes We Can, and The Prez Dispenser on a new T-Shirt color, Silver. All the shirts are based on lino cut prints from our local artist friend Eric Rewitzer from Three Fish Studios. I wore the The Prez Dispenser last night in silver to a bar where they were watching the debate and got a lot of laughs. It’s been a great experience so far putting these designs together and I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support so far, it’s been amazing. As I work on putting out more designs I gain more and more respect for all the artists and T-Shirt companies out there doing this because it is not easy for sure :-) I have a load of email to catch up with and a lot of posts to put together so please stay tuned. If you like these designs please consider emailing your friends and joining these facebook groups, The Prez Dispenser facebook page, and the Americans for Elite Presidents group :-)

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