Three Great T-Shirts From The People Like Us Collective

Normally I do one T-Shirt at a time but these are all fun and unique designs. The Burning Airplane (Burn Baby Burn) is a limited edition that has been reprinted, an oxymoron I know but there are only 81 left of this printing. (80 if those guys are nice enough to put one aside for me hint hint). All the shirts are around 50 USD (70 Aussie dollars) which is where there shipping from.

People Like us Burn Baby bu

In great demand is funky fury as well
People Like us Funky Fury

And a technicolor waistcoat (which somehow makes me think of that movie American Psycho)
People Like us Technicolour

6 Responses to “Three Great T-Shirts From The People Like Us Collective”

  1. Shmuel says:

    Actually, according to the website, it’s $50 AUD, not $50 USD. Which is still hella expensive, but not as much.

  2. I like the paper airplane and the sketchy design..their nice.

  3. Some are $50 USD, some are $40 USD. They don’t run a set price. Either way, to expensive for me (unfortunately).

  4. Joe says:

    People Like Us, pricing explained!: Their ‘Original’ series shirts are $49 AUD (~$36.75 USD), and their ‘White’ series shirts are $69 AUD (~$51.75 USD). The only one I’ve gotten is Peace of Mind. The print is really high-quality; even though it has a medium hand, it’s still really flexible and shows no sign of wear.

  5. karl says:

    Thanks for the excellent explanation Joe, good stuff :-)

  6. Hi, really like your blog! Have now bookmarked it and will surely visit again sometime.

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