Threadless Spring Cleaning sale $9 shirts

Now’s the time to spend your threadless STP because it’s spring cleaning and loads of threadless shirts are $9 through March 29th.


And I always like to post a shirt I like as well, I love this one and have probably posted it before.
Movies, Ruining The Book Since 1920

7 Responses to “Threadless Spring Cleaning sale $9 shirts”

  1. bo says:

    i feel like i will go broke every time there is a sale…
    thanks for postin! i’m sure it has made people smile and wallets frowm

  2. Ben says:

    Yes! This is why i know there is a point in living. I just bought 3 shirts being: (the new and awesome, although a little pricy) Graphic Endeavours, Symbol or Signifier and Colour Coded Criminals! And yes i did use up what little stp’s i had :D

  3. bo says:

    and by frowm i meant frown :)
    i got 3 shirts too: happy end, partly hungry skies, what makes it go?
    any shirts for you, karl?

  4. SA says:

    Sadly I don’t have any points. Didn’t stop me from picking out two earlier this morning. I got Happy End and Sock Battle.

  5. karl says:

    I haven’t picked any up actually, i have not had time to really shop and as i’ve got $400 STP I have to figure out what to do ahead of time, maybe i’ll cash in more certificates. I love colour coded criminals :-)

  6. Peter says:

    Haha I thought you might find this amusing. I was just posting about this sale on my blog when I had a ‘moment’. I can’t believe I ever missed Color Coded Criminals being printed last year. It seriously contends as my favourite ever design, Threadless or otherwise.

    It’s a post I probably should edit now I look like a bit of an idjit, but ah well, it made me laugh.

  7. Amanda says:


    the site is down and I still have some credit there. WHY OH WHY DO YOU HATE ME THREADLESS!!


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