Threadless Paying Mo’ Money

besteeWell looks like t-shirts on threadless are going to have the chance of winning an extra 10 grand as part of the “bestee” awards. Looks like Bestee is an annual award that is awarded for various categories. Looks like they are giveing away a total of $100,000 so if my math is correct that is 10 bestee awards. They mention a couple of categories like “Most Groundbreaking Design” to “Best Gallery Photo” to “Most Dedicated Blogger”. Interestingly Gallery Photo and Dedicated Blogger awards imply that you can win a Bestee award for other kinds of community participation, which is awesome. BTW when they say blogger, they mean people who create posts on the threadless messageboards, which they call blogs, so i won’t be up for an award :-(

They could at least put me on their blogroll, c’mon threadless, i’m in the top ten of referrers of business to you :-)

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  1. I remember watching a video where the guys who run Threadless talk about paying more and more money for each design, as the company grows. Their ultimate goal/dream it so pay out $1 million for a single design – that would generate a lot of buzz woudln’t it?

  2. These Threadless guy sure knows how to stir up the hype and get people to their website.

  3. Russ says:

    That is huge, and will definetly cause some fantastic designs to start appearing in the near future. With that kind of prize money every man and his dog will be at the drawing board, and within the next few weeks I look forward to seeing some of the bestees up for sale!

  4. Brendan says:

    They really know how to focus on what’s important: good designs for affordable prices by a fun-loving company. This is just another (large) step forward in the right direction.

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