Threadless Now Pays Artists For Reprints and Ups Prize Money to $2500

Threadless has just announced on their blog that they will be paying artists $500 any time they do a reprint of a winning design, and will be upping the prize money to $2000 in cash, and $500 in credit for other threadless stuff. Interestingly they also announced that winning designers get to join the exclusive Alumni Club:

access to the Alumni Club area in the blog forum, a membership card, a totally sweet Alumni Club medal of honor, an Alumni Club tee shirt, an Alumni Club coffee mug and a fancy Alumni Club mousepad.

This announcement comes of course hot on the heals of the launch last week of Designed By Humans, which many agreed was one of the only potential competitors to threadless. Ironically one of the threadless founders made the comment that there wasn’t really any competition as the t-shirt market was so large, of course one of the quotes in this recent announcement was:

AND, starting today, we are paying an additional $500 for each time your design is reprinted! That means that if your design is reprinted 8,000,000 times, you could win an addition $4,000,000,000 !!!! Beat that, competition!

Good for you guys Threadless :-)

Hat tip HYA

6 Responses to “Threadless Now Pays Artists For Reprints and Ups Prize Money to $2500”

  1. Joe says:

    Not paying designers for reprints was one of Adam Fletcher’s top marks against Threadless, for ethical reasons if not anything else (it’s number 4). I’m glad they decided to do that, but I’m slightly worried about how the Alumni Club will affect the community; my worry is that it might divide the community (at least symbolically), potentially alienating non-winners. Only time will tell, though, I suppose!

  2. Jason says:

    Inevitably, great minds think alike. Stay tuned….Design By Humans announcement coming tomorrow. ;)

  3. filip says:

    I didn’t know Threadless had competition! :) It seems they think otherwise. hehe

  4. Brendan says:

    threadless getting even better? ridiculous!

  5. Marc says:

    Design By Humans just announced artist residuals! They call it the DBH Rockstar Awards. Check it out!

  6. [...] Holy shit, it seems like Threadless and Designed By Humans are trading body blows, with a left, and a right, an upper cut. So yesterday Threadless announced that they would pay artists an extra $500 on reprints, and membership in the exclusive Alumni club. Today Designed By Humans fires back with Rockstar Residuals, where artists get cash bonuses for selling a certain number of t-shirts. In conjunction with the daily, weekly, and monthly prizes being awarded here at DesignByHumans, artists will be paid an additional cash award based on the number of t-shirts sold over the life of the design. [...]

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