Threadbanger – make your own t-shirt hoodie

i love threadbanger which is basically a weekly podcast/video blog on making your own clothing, and I’ve been waiting a while for them to do an episode that I can pimp here. Here’s the episode and which it focused on Hoodies (Andy take note), including a make your own hoodie out of a t-shirt.

make your own hoodie

In the episode Katia demonstrates how to make your own hoodie out of a t-shirt, and they’ve extracted screenshots so you have step by step instructions on this page.

make your own hoodie2

Katia seems like a very interesting character, she’s been creating and selling her own DIY clothing for a while under the name Hollywood Renegade and selling it on Ebay check out her myspace page. Sounds like she’s busy designing for Lip Service (which also has a hawt line of t’s) and going back to school so there may not be much stuff going up on Ebay.

8 Responses to “Threadbanger – make your own t-shirt hoodie”

  1. Philip Shade says:

    I love lip service but find their Ts are just overpriced. Thanks for th hoodie link though.

  2. karl says:

    Thanks Philip, send a pic if you make a hoodie :-) I don’t think I have the skilz but it was cool watching her make it.

  3. Jaleeb Caru says:

    If you ask me that’s a waste of a perfectly excellent Misfits Crimson Ghost shirt. Love the concept, I’m not big on the pattern but this could certainly create some cool stuff.

    I’m not good at stuff like this but my Father in Law went to something like seamstress college in Chile and if I get an idea, I’ll have him execute it and send a pic to both you and her for her kind sharing of technique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Andy says:

    I love that every so often I get tipped off to news items via RSS!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Thats one really cool hoodie

    Nice job (y)

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  7. alice-roxx says:

    cool ill try this

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