The Raw Feed T-Shirt News Roundup and Tcritic Update

Hey all, so I’m trying a bit of an experiment and would appreciate your feedback. I’ve decided to try and do a summary post every week that just covers really briefly the various news that i’m being sent, a little more unfiltered, and uneditorialized, that way I stay on top of stuff and people don’t feel they are emailing a black hole. So here’s my first attempt at a summary post, please let me know what you think.

No Star Clothing

..announcing 12 new t-shirt designs.

New Leaf Designs

two week sale ending 10/01 – promo code “enjoy08″

Human Empire Shop

New designs including hoodies, jackets, scarves

E.T. Tees

Free shipping until 9/30 – promo codes – US: OKTOBERSHIPPING08

Diesel Laws

Darth Vader Rocks and Skywalker Beer tee’s etc.

Buffalo T-Shirts

Buffalo, NY – new on-line store – free shipping til 9/21

Postmodern Sideshow


Walkie Talkie

T’s featuring your hometown

new t shirt forum

Axid t-shirts

New collection

Eroteme Clothing

Choose design, color and style

A site where you can submit your art, vote, win big cash prizes and comment on
other designers work.

Yes We Can Around the World

French graphic designer - using print on demand facilities to market his Obma graphic t’s with the message in many languages

T’s being sold on and

Soge Shirts

Your Face Tees

Just launched

Filthy Fabrics

Filthy logo and other images

brand lux Clothing

New collection of designer street-wear

Wringer Tee

F.A.Z.E. Apparel

start-up “designs of substance and meaning” – no drugs/violence

True Believer Clothing

5 new designs


promoting new t-line

10 Responses to “The Raw Feed T-Shirt News Roundup and Tcritic Update”

  1. Amanda says:

    I like it. I think it gives a quick round up . I approve!

  2. tiagón says:

    it's cool, but a little confusing. maybe less t-shirts per post, and all images with same size (somehow)? :)

  3. Awesome, possum. Perhaps some quick hits on the ones you followed up on?

  4. karllong says:

    Thanks guys, yeah, it's a little rough, i'll try and figure out an easier to understand format. I am trying to do this in a fairly lightweight way, if I start getting it really polished it will take so much time it will defeat the purpose of getting out a quick weekly summary.

  5. Super Fantastic. Lets your readers see whats new in a quick manner.

  6. pambamboo says:

    Yeah – fewer entrys; each one the same size and a line or two from you – just briefly – about why we should care.

  7. DoubleDee says:

    I like it as is. It truly shows just how many shirts there are out there. Once a week, a long list short and sweet. I get to decide how long I want to keep looking at the list. Also, I don't need someone to tell me why I should care. The 1/59th of a second my monkey brain spends on oogling should be enough for me to decide if I want to care.

    Thanks Karl!

  8. Colin says:

    About making the images the same size…I don't know if you know this Karl, but wordpress has an option to set a default size for pictures. So you could set the default width to a certain amount and then have all images automatically resized to fit that (the height would very somewhat, but it's more the width that is the problem). It's a nice time saver and takes alot of the hassle out of adding pictures.

  9. Jen says:

    I like it as it is… Yeah, it would be prettier if they were all the same size, but I hate image editing and wouldn't wish it upon anyone :P The more images the better, I don't care about the description, but if there's a cool design it will catch my eye and I'll check out the website for more.

  10. James says:

    Pretty cool , cool but check these guys out.

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