The Life Aquatic – T-Shirt From Waterloo

Liveaquatic Waterloo 01

One of my favorite quirky movies is The Life Aquatic and this is a great T-shirt honoring it. Waterloo ( ) has pulled together all the elements that made that film great from the hat, to the boat (the Belafonte), to the amazing acoustic, Brazilian versions of classic Bowie songs by Seu Jorge (great soundtrack makes for very mellow background music).

The folks at waterloo have even created a coupon code for tcritic readers 10% off: Tcritic (and no it’s not an affiliate thing I’m not getting anything except maybe a free shirt hint hint :-)

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  1. fluffy says:

    Pel? dos Santos? Do you mean Seu Jorge?

  2. Great list of underappreciated blogs…

    Cory Doctorow : Filmolicious’s “Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading” post has some real…

  3. karl says:

    Doh! Yes, of course, I actually copied it from the T-Shirt blurb and it didn’t click it was wrong. Thanks,


  4. Aoris says:


    sorry, I got an off-topic t-shirt related question. In 2005 there was the 60th anniversry of the defeat of Nazi Germany. On some blog I found a link to a british antifa site. They sold t-shirts to commemorate the 60th anniverary. The website looked professional (almost commercial) and the t-shirts high-value. On the t-shirt was a small text to the effect of “60th anniversary…” and there were three different versions of the t-shirt with large reproductions on the front side of the national markings and unit markings of three individual Allied war planes. One British fighter plane that took part in the Battle of Britain, one American Navy fighter plane based on an aircraft carrier that fought in the Pacific and one Soviet fighter plane that fought against Germany. Those tees were incredibly cool and I must have the American one. The British looks great too. Unfortunately I lost the link and after hours of Google research I still can’t find the site again. Anyone know how to find it or a place where I could ask for it and where it is likely that someone can help me? Sorry for the OT question. Thanks! Aoris from Berlin, Germany – Aoris(at)

  5. Aoris says:

    P.S.: Make that the “60th Anniversary of the end of World War II” (not only the defeat of Nazi Germany).

  6. Aoris says:

    Well, since I didn’t get any replies right away I tried for the umpteenth time to find that link again via Google. I didn’t have much hope since I already wasted hours on this. But by a lucky combination of search words incredibly I was able to find that link again. Well if anyone is interested here it is:

    Apparently the Soviet design and the Battle of Britain design aren’t available anymore. The design for a RAF Hawker Hurricane that fought in Africa and a Navy Vought Corsair that fought in the Pacific are still available.

  7. Aoris says:

    And only Small available. Forchrissakes!

  8. karl says:

    Those are great shirts, sorry I wasn’t able to be any help :-) I actually also searched on google but couldn’t come up with anything. Maybe you can start up your own line of shirts.

  9. Aoris says:

    Thanks for trying and I love your blog. Will visit more often in the future.

  10. Fabricio says:

    P?le dos Santos is ok, Seu Jorge is the actor.

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