The Joy T-shirt – The Tee Equivalent of Post Secret?

joy t-shirt is a weird and wonderful concept with lofty goals, that in very simple terms prints hand drawn sketches of peoples face on t-shirts. I thought it was a weird idea at first because these are not necessarily for your family and friends to buy, but for other people around the world to buy. The simple inclusion of someone else’s face on your shirt is promoting the idea that everyone is different. What I particularly like about this is the authenticity of the message, these aren’t your stock photo models picked to represent some fictional diversity, but real people from around the world (learn more about stock photo models from maddox, btw maddox likes to swear so don’t go if ur easily offended).

Emma Dines

After purchasing a shirt, you may then participate in this global project by submitting a photo of your own visage, which will then be drawn by hand and posted on the website for the rest of the world to wear.

Wearing a Joy T-shirt is about taking an active stance against racism and discrimination. It is about loving your neighbor, because in someway or another we are all connected!

ang Johnston

Adam Kras

Thanks very much to Rob for sending this in, great find, i’ve send a $25 gift certificate off to you.

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