The Hippies Are Back And They’re Punks – Times New Viking T-Shirt


This shirt is spawned from a collaboration between the always weird and wonderful Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction and Ohio-based lo-fi rockers, Times New Viking, not to be confused with Times New Roman.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, trio Times New Viking conjures a collage of indie-rock references. The musicians channel the lo-fi recording style of Guided by Voices, they flaunt the unbridled energy of early Pavement and they rival the Minutemen in brevity. They breeze through 16 songs in 31 minutes on their third album, “Rip It Off.”
Washington Post

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  1. Bobby says:

    Even I love t-shirts with sayings on them. I have made my friend an addict to t-shirts from . Check them out if you feel like my words have something in them! They have loads of these!

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