The Gangs Of San Francisco – New T-Shirt Company

Just met these guys from The Gangs Of San Francisco at the Capsule Design Festival at Hayes Valley Park and they have now got their website up so you can buy them online.

All the shirts are printed with water based inks and are super soft, and as is becoming standard they are printed on American Apparel. The T-Shirt designs are all San Francisco themed and each has a nice story behind it. Unfortunately I can’t link to the specific designs as they have built the shop in a flash based pop up window

Greater San Francisco Speedway

Richmond Brawlers

Ohlone Chiefs

3 Responses to “The Gangs Of San Francisco – New T-Shirt Company”

  1. norcalbarney says:

    Hi, I'm the tall guy in the picture. I need to point out that this is all Larry's company. I was just helping Larry sell shirts so he'll take me surfing.

    Great shirts, though. Go to the website and buy a bunch!

  2. surfboards says:

    Great t-shirts, I would like to have one of these sooner!

  3. Dorinda says:

    how do I get in touch with this company? There is no contact on their website!

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