The Funny Shirt Showdown

Hey everyone, this article was submitted by reader Aaron Burk, hope you enjoy it, I couldn’t link to every individual shirt, but both sites are pretty easy to navigate. Thanks for the work Aaron, i’m sending off a gift certificate.

BustedvsluckythreadzIn just a glance and, although they both bring something knew to the table, look very similar; Mainly the layout of their site. But when taking a closer look, it seems the two have very similar versions of the same idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of the sites, and many other sites come out with their own version of designs. It really just gives people interested in a shirt the choice in which design they will purchase and I just thought I’d try to find out who usually does a better version of a design.

The first design in question, Beethoven’s Fifth (on both the sites), is a clear winner for Luckythreadz. It has more detail, two colors as apposed to one, and incorporates the text allot better than the Bustedtees version.

The second design, That’s How I Roll (on both sites), is a much closer contest. They both take the same saying but look at it in two different ways. Luckythreadz puts more of a Jewish spin, were as Bustedtees uses the more common die and a more appealing font. I like the creativity of Luckythreadz, but if I had to name a victor, as in what I would buy, this one goes to Bustedtees.

The score is all tied up, and in the third design, Hassel Hoff (on Luckythreadz) and Don’t Hassel the Hoff (on Bustedtees), is a back-to-back victory for Bustedtees. Although Luckythreadz incorporates a picture of David Hassel Hoff, that’s all its got, and it doesn’t do it too well, were as Bustedtees has a clever slogan using Hassel in place of hassle. The score is now Luckythreadz 1, and Bustedtees 2.

The fourth design, both joking about dog in Chinese food, is a tight competition, and really comes down to personal taste. I chose Luckythreadz as the winner, just because I personally like that style more, and I like how it is executed a little more. In other words, it’s the same punch line but a better joke.

The fifth design, is really a tie I think. I mean if I had to pick a winner I would say that I laughed more at Viva La Evolucion by Bustedtees. Mainly because the play on words is so corny but you still can’t help yourself from snickering a little especially when you see the beautifully edited picture above it. But in all farness, and for a little more drama, I will call it a tie, leaving the score at 2 to 2, all coming down to the final design.

The sixth design for me, is a little anticlimactic, and I feel like a jerk putting the two state designs, Oklahoma at Luckythreadz and Wyoming at Bustedtees, up against each other. Because to me, it’s a no-brainer that Wyoming from Bustedtees wins. Its cleaner, two colors and just seemed to be put together well. I would feel worse, putting one of Luckythreadz not so good designs up against a solid Bustedtees creation for the deciding design, but I was leaning towards Bustedtees on the tie anyway… so its final, Bustedtees wins in a close battle of similar designs 3 to 2. They are both great sites folks, and I recommend visiting each of them, but in this t-shirt battle of similarity, Bustedtees is the champion.

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  1. amq says:

    the hasselhoff t-shirt is a reference to waffle house….

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Luckythreadz puts more of a Jewish spin”???

    Are you shitting me? You seriously can’ tell the difference between a dreidel ( and a bunch of D&D dice (

    Turn in your geek card now.

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  4. 2nd Annon. says:

    I second the other “annon,” but I didn’t make the dreidel connection, rather, the somewhat hebreic looking font, though that, too, is a stretch.
    The more significant difference is that LuckyThreads employs quite the the pun. Some people might go for it, others might be repulsed by it.
    Also, the LT’s images are slightly less obvious than BT’s, if you ask me.

  5. Adam Nelson says:

    My vote for the dice one is also for Luckythreadz, not Bustedtees. The pun on role playing is clever, the various geek laden dice are awesome, and the font reminds me of the covers of my 1970s Tolkien books and the covers of the RPGs I used to play with friends during junior high lunch period.

  6. Liondel says:

    Is it possible to print those very good designs a tshirts.
    i live in Montreal Canada and i know that there is a new website, and i would like to know if you can submit designs like this on this site

  7. Vern Long says:

    Completely ludicrous! How can you compare poached jpgs someone does a live trace to in Illy and then prints one-colors on t-shirts to original art! LT keeps coming out with multi-colored original works while BT seemingly cant get out of the one-and-two-color wonderland…

    The dude who says the Thats How I Role takes on a Jewish spin is obviously on mescaline. What? Jewish? How the hell did you come up with that! Plus the LT version that uses the play on words – “Role” vs the BT “Roll”…which one is more clever? Which one came out first?

    Hasselhoff is a freaking play on Waffle House. Aaron, when was the last time you came up from the basement?

    A quick glance through each company’s website is a quick determinant as to who has the superior product catalog.
    If anybody has ever done business with both companies, then the truth regarding who has a superior product is obvious but I wont say anything b/c I would hate to hurt the feelings of the illustrious BT staff…

  8. axxo says:

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  9. Valerie says:

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  10. John G. says:

    I don’t usually post but I enjoyed your blog a lot.

  11. Casey says:

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