The Communist Party – Reprinted at Threadless

The Communist Party 1

The Communist Party has got to be one of my favorite threadless shirts and i’ve been coveting it for months (I posted about it in May) while it’s been out of stock. Well it got reprinted today and it’s still on the $10 sale for a couple more days, I just ordered a medium and a large just in case :-)

The Communist Party Zoom

7 Responses to “The Communist Party – Reprinted at Threadless”

  1. Biff says:

    oops…..sold out again :-(

  2. karl says:

    holy shite, that shirt was only on sale for 1 day before it sold out? WTF All I can say is i’m glad I bought 2 one large and one medium, maybe i’ll put the one that doesn’t fit on ebay :-)

  3. josh says:

    I have this shirt, and I totally love it. I have been, however, shocked at how many people have no idea who is on the shirt or what it could possibly mean. And I don’t just mean people who always get Lenin and Stalin mixed up, but people who say things like, “what is that thing by the star?”

  4. karl says:

    Nice, in many ways that doesn’t surprise me. some of the best shirts are like irony, a joke that not everybody gets :-)

    RTFM has to be one of the best shirts ever as well but over most peoples heads it will fly.

  5. Herbert says:

    Threadless really has some of the best shirts and as Karl said, if everyone would get it it would not be as great. :-)

  6. James says:

    Got the T. Love it. Many a conversation has been sparked with people staring at my nipples.

  7. LeOgAhEr says:

    I Love you girls


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