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That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard of them before and someone just dropped me an email, thanks.

(it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck, proceeds going toward a t-shirt war redesign)

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  1. Philippp says:

    Of course that’s no spoon. It’s a SPORK!


  2. Jake says:

    This is Jake from LuckyThreadz-

    I’m glad you like this shirt!

    I followed your link to the “RTFM” – and on that page you linked to another shirt “The Communist Party”.

    Behold! “That’s no Spoon” and “The Communist Party” were done by the same artist-

    Tom Burns:

    He has quite a few shirts on our site. He is hands-down one of the best illustrators on the planet.

    I would suggest coming on through, and buying one. He gets a pretty fat percentage of each shirt sold.


    ps: we only print on AmericanApparel

  3. Joe says:

    Jake: You beat me to it, posting about Tom Burns. I was going to do that! I guess you deserve it more than I do, though, since you’ve actually worked with him…

  4. karl says:

    I noticed it was Tom’s design, I’ve had some email communications with Tom and really like his stuff. Thanks for the comments guys :-)

    Oh and Jake, I really like Lucky Threadz, you’ve got some great, original t-shirts, thanks.

  5. helo says:

    Hi karl,

    You may want to respell the title for this blog.

    I tried going to and it was not the site :(

    I went to and ta-daa! that’s where it’s at !

  6. karl says:

    Done, thanks for pointing that out :-)

  7. jake says:

    Sorry about the “Z” vs “S”… damn squatters…

    Tom is a brilliant designer, and I feel privledged working with him.

    If you’ve got a second or two, go and sign up for the newsletter – we give out a free shirt every week.

    And I appreciate all the comments!


  8. JunaD says:

    I love the Star War Shirts too. This one is good.

  9. badkitty says:

    there IS no spoon.

  10. sam says:

    That’s no pun… it’s a malapropism. I think.

  11. Georgia says:

    Okay, so I really want to get my friend a star wars t-shirt for his birthday, his up on all the on-goings in star wars big time. So I was just wondering if anyone could clearly explain this joke to me so I can decide if this is the perfect gift for him or not. I really like the randomness of it, but I would prefer if it involved some star wars in joke, so that it can be extra special! Thanks. (P.S I am not a complete star wars outcast I watched them all like ten billion times with my brother when I was little, but I never understood what was going on?)

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