Thanks Tops2Bottoms

How cool are these guys at to write about tcritic and to write such awesome things.

Coolness. I loved browsing through this blog. I loved the fact that it offers a lot of images that lets you see the t shirts!

[blush] You guys are super cool too :-)

Like this review of the Dsquared Tee :-) Cool Tee, but the site is crazy, and looks terrifyingly expensive, check it out a

3 Responses to “Thanks Tops2Bottoms”

  1. Sasha Manuel says:

    Awww. “Them guys” says No worries! :) Hehehe.

    But you’re right. That tees IS expensive. Hahaha. ;)


  2. karl says:

    Of course I meant guys in the cute sense of the word :-) Digging himself deeper.

  3. Sasha Manuel says:

    I know. I was just being cheeky. Hahaha. No worries. :)

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