New Guidlines On Getting Reviewed

Also, i’ve updated my guidelines for sending me links and pictures of t-shirts to review:

Here’s my guidelines for getting posted:

  1. I like pictures of people wearing shirts, or pictures of real shirts, i’m not keen on faux shirts, ie. photoshopped t-shirt templates and will only post those if they are extraordinary
  2. Tell me a little about the t-shirt designs, printing process or your company that is cool, different, remarkable
  3. I get a lot of email, if I haven’t posted after a week it’s probably buried in my gmail never to be found again, it’s nothing personal, I only post about 5% of stuff i’m sent, send me new designs and stay in touch, I read all my email
  4. stay in touch with me on twitter @karllong

52 Responses to “New Guidlines On Getting Reviewed”

  1. Jay says:

    We are a group of 5 friends with a passion for fashion and a strong drive for success set out on a journey to make a statement not only in the clothing industry, but the world.

    Wierdoz represents all of the different cultures that reside in the streets from skateboarders, hip hop heads, graffiti bombers, tattoo enthusiasts, and lovers of quality fashion. Our missions is to allow consumers to express themselves everyday through our unique brand of clothing. Wierdoz way of life challenges individuals to be who they are in spite of criticism and ridicule. Being weird is being unique and Wierdoz Clothing celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and pushes for them to stay true to themselves.

  2. Gatsy says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Tnahks for sharing.

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