Tcritic Secret Word Comment Competition $525 Threadless Gift Certificate Give Away

Hey everyone, i’m having a little competition over the next month where I am going to give away a total of 21 threadless $25 gift certificates. Basically every day or so I will post a secret word in one of my blog posts on Tcritic like this: the secret word is “banana” and the first person to make a comment on that post with the secret word will win the gift certificate (providing you fill in a proper email address in the field when you leave the comment). See this post for example.

I will also be throwing in some bonus certificates by posting a secret word to twitter and the winner will be the first person to leave a comment on the post that the secret word twitter post is linking to.

Oh and feel free to share this on your blogs and other forums, if this works out well i’ll try and figure out some other fun games to play with Threadless bucks, and maybe even some other t-shirt companies might step up to provide some fun prizes :-)

20 Responses to “Tcritic Secret Word Comment Competition $525 Threadless Gift Certificate Give Away”

  1. Ben says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEE thats awesome man! Thanks

    It would be cool if you could do some at night cause some people (hahah, ye me) are only able to check this later at night or something. Anyways cool, i hope i get one :D

  2. karl says:

    I will totally mix it up Ben for sure, my aim is to make it fun and random, so hopefully plenty of people can join in. I’m trying to think of other ways I could hide secret words that would be fun to track down, like an internet scavanger hunt. But anyway, I thought i’d keep it simple for now.

  3. MH says:


  4. Erin says:

    Hurray for secret words! I’ll have to check in here, a little earlier in the day.

  5. Fiona says:

    Is it too soon to say banana? ;0)

  6. Colin says:

    Free Threadless certificates are always a good thing.

  7. Micky Mays says:

    This sounds like a good idea. Who’s not a fan a scavenger hunts?

  8. Suzie says:

    WOOHOO! Sounds super exciting! :D

  9. Rangga says:

    cool contest, Karl… I don’t know why should I tell everyone on my blog about this, I need less competitor to win this :P

  10. Jess says:

    Wow, awesome! :)

  11. [...] is giving away $525 in Threadless gift certificates for paying close attention to his blog posts. There are 21 chances to win a $25 gift certificate if you can find the secret word. So what is required? Figure out the secret word and post a comment on the post with the secret word and you will win a Threadless gift certificate. For more information visit [...]

  12. [...] finding and commenting the secret word in Tcritic posts.  Check out the giveaway page for that on, and let us know if you win! Subscribe to our RSS Feed and leave a comment to be entered into [...]

  13. nokiaor9 says:

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  14. candace says:

    banana !!! :)

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