Tasty Tees Creating Wearable Art

The Octopus is a new T-Shirt from Tasty Tees by Amsterdam based artist Lotte Klaver.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is www.lotteklaver.nl

More about Tasty Tees:

In a unique collaboration, tasty tees founder Tobias Crabtree works directly with artists and non-profit arts organizations to promote the creative community through printing collectible, ‘wearable’ art. A healthy portion of the proceeds from all t-shirt sales goes directly to each featured artist while also supporting the non-profit organization Starting Artists (www.startingartists.org), which provides opportunities for inner city teens to pursue their interests in the arts.

6 Responses to “Tasty Tees Creating Wearable Art”

  1. BusbyTest says:

    this blog aabout fashion is cool!

  2. Pretty cool for Lotte's ideas to become a piece of wearable fashion, Just wondering. Is that lotte modelling it?

  3. Michael says:

    Wearable art indeed. Nice!

  4. Web Design says:

    what fabric are they printed on, .. is this design available for all fabrics or some specific ones. anyways the octopus looks cool.

  5. Smystery says:

    Very nice design. This is different from the Squidward Tentacles at SpongeBob SquarePants :D

  6. A very unique design T-shirt by Tasty Tees by Amsterdam. Surely will be a great hit to all teenagers.

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