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Introducing Shirt.Woot Classic Reprints


Sore Thumbs by designer MJ is one of the first t-shirts to get reprinted on shirt.woot classics to give newcomers to the site a chance to pick up some of the previously sold out designs. Each design will be posted for a full week and priced at $20 so got and check them out.

MJ also turned me on to Teemagnet.com, a site that aggregates all your favorite 24 hour t-shirt sites on one page, a real time saver.

Will Wheaton to Design Thursday’s T-Shirt Woot!

Finding some interesting news on twitter

Ever Bought A T-Shirt Designed By Somebody On Star Trek? You Wil.
Speaking of Shirt.Woot, noted actor, author, gambler, blogger, and
android Wil Wheaton adds ”t-shirt designer” to his CV this Thursday,
and it’s all going down at Shirt.Woot. This is like a true-cross thing
for hardcore geeks (like us), except that Wil himself will never have
laid eyes on your actual shirt, much less hands. But still. As for the
design, we don’t want to give too much away, so we’ll just thank Wil
for rolling the DICE with us to release this to-DIE-for tee.

From the Woot newsletter.

You can follow Wil on Twitter here and of course your myself on twitter here hint: it’s a good way to share t-shirt designs with me, email is increasingly out of control :)

via Mad Fin

Awesome Glow in the Dark T-Shirts for Halloween

Great design from Design By Humans

An this is adorable, and I don’t use that term lightly. (Thanks shirts-on-sale)

Also check out Spreadshirt who have a huge amount of T-shirts to use as costumes, very useful for people like me who is always unprepared for costumes

Shirt.woot team up with 2K games for Civilization Competition

Just got a note from the guys at Shirt.woot and the new T-Shirt competition they are running with 2K games (derby 42 if you prefer) is now open for business. Basically submit your T-Shirt design on the theme of “Join The Revolution” and winners will get special prizes including Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution prize packs, an Xbox 360 Elite, a poster signed by the development team (including Sid Meier himself), and additional cash awards above and beyond their usual Derby prizes. The voting will be open for longer as well so get there, submit your designs and vote.

T-Shirt Woot!

sore thumbs

Today Last Friday a version of Woot! launched specially for T-shirts, the idea is that every morning a new design is offered for sale in a limited quantity and when it’s sold out, it’s sold out.

Interestingly this design, called sore thumbs (which you can buy here) was designed by MJ who authors the compete-tee-tion blog that is dedicated to talking about t-shirt competitions. Man, people look at me like i’m crazy when i say I write about T-shirts, I can’t imagine the looks MJ gets.

Hat Tip to my Mad Finn Friend