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Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work

viral marketing doesnt work

Well i’m heading out for a couple of days and will be offline, i’m going to Laguna Seca in Monterey to watch the Moto GP (motorcycle racing). Anyway I had to post this t-shirt before I left – Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work – Tell Everyone You know – brilliant and ironic, not sure if it’s funny to people who are not marketing geeks. What would be even funnier is if this got dugg and ended up on the front page of digg (fingers crossed :-)

Anyway, have a great weekend, I may post some stuff from my phone if I find some good T’s at the racing. Somehow I think racetracks are a rich source of ironic shirts, although I would probably do better in that regard at Nascar.

BTW I found the viral marketing t-shirt via Jeremiah‘s twitter feed

Apparently you can get the shirt here but the site is down right now :-(